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Wave Investments bets on Bkon transforming the future of cold brew

PHILADELPHIA, U.S. – BKON, a pioneering beverage technology company, announces partnership with WAVE Investments GmbH — a newly formed private equity group, uniquely focused on advancing the growth of companies within the Global Specialty Coffee segment.

Coffee makes 60% of Germans happier, says new survey from Mintel

BERLIN – It’s safe to say that coffee is an ingrained part of German culture and while its qualities as a mental stimulant are well known, it seems that it is widely considered an emotional stimulant, too. According to new research from global market intelligence agency Mintel, three in five (60%) German consumers say that drinking coffee ...

Wawa introduces cold brew iced coffee to its specialty beverage program

WAWA, PA, U.S. – Wawa announces that Cold Brew coffee is now available in all stores chain-wide as part of Wawa's hand-crafted specialty beverage program. Available in two flavors of traditional black or sweet cream and both 16 oz. and 24 oz. sizes, Wawa Cold Brew incorporates a slow steeping process using Wawa unique coffee beans ...

Starbucks puts Draft Nitro Cold Brew in more stores and on a few bikes

SEATTLE, U.S. – A little more than a year after its debut in the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle, Starbucks customers can now find Starbucks Draft Nitro Cold Brew in nearly 1,000 company-operated stores across the United States. The product has also expanded globally into 16 markets around the world ...

Apple is hiring a barista – here’s why it might be a very stressful job

SILICON VALLEY – Apple is looking for a new barista for its Bay Area visitor center, but aspiring coffee artisans beware: It doesn’t sound like the job will be anything like the typical Starbucks gig. The coffee crafter will be tasked with making a "stellar" espresso that lives up to company standards — and those standards are nothing to shrug off.

Starbucks’ new nitro coffee and chai flavors will awaken your soul

SEATTLE, U.S. – As most Starbucks fans probably know, the coffee chain has been focusing on expanding its high-end Reserve brand as of late. The first-ever Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room has been going strong in Seattle since December 2014; the coffee chain recently started offering affogato ice cream at select Reserve bar locations.

Flavored milk could have high caffeine content, health report warns

SEOUL, South Korea – Coffee-flavored milk products may not always contain less caffeine than coffee products, a health report by Seoul City showed Monday. The Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Research Institute of Public Health and Environment looked into 106 drinks containing caffeine and found that five products, including ...

Meet the “PieFee”, New Zealand bakehouse serves coffee in a pie crust

AUCKLAND, New Zealand – In 2017, the world has indulged in a long line of ridiculous food trends, from the avolatte to the $5 Nutella on a spoon. Now we have hit new heights with the advent of the PieFee: A coffee served in a pie crust. This innovative concept has come from New Zealand cafe the Tasteful Bakehouse ...

London bars to celebrate UK’s first Espresso Martini festival in August

LONDON, UK – Fifty bars around London are to take part in the UK’s first festival dedicated to the Espresso Martini, organised by the team behind Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur. The Espresso Martini Fest will run from August 10 to 12, organised in collaboration with DrinkUp.London, the company behind London Cocktail Week ...

‘Friends’ fan has counted exactly how many cups of coffee the gang drank

LONDON, UK – A London-based writer has counted exactly how many cups of coffee the Friends gang drank over the show’s 10-season run. Kit Lovelace actually re-watched all 236 episodes of the classic sitcom to monitor the characters’ drinking habits for a piece he was writing a few years ago. Earlier this week, he shared the results again on Twitter.