Thursday 13 June 2024
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DVG De Vecchi presents its 2024 Accessories Catalogue at Sigep and at WOC of Dubai

Mario Conti: “Beyond the freshly printed catalogue, those who come to visit us will be able to talk to our salespeople who will be ready to tell and explain. There will be some components displayed on the stand, with distinctive graphics as we have always wanted to distinguish ourselves over the years."

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CORNATE D’ADDA (Monza) – DVG De Vecchi Srl, a company recognized to produce components, accessories, and spare parts for coffee machines, has completed the new 2024 Accessories Catalogue. It is a collection made up of excellent brands and at the same time an expression of DVG DE VECCHI Srl’ commitment to transferring its know-how into the direct production of a selected part of accessories, thus elevating the experience of coffee in the cup.

The items developed internally reflect the skills acquired by the company in almost 60 years of experience, guaranteeing innovation, quality, and superior performance. Alongside these, there are also various products from top-quality brands: the result is a complete range of options to satisfy every customer preference.

The catalog also represents the possibility of having advanced customization for coffee enthusiasts who wish to give a unique customized impression.

The company will celebrate the launch of the catalog at two very important trade fairs such as WOC Dubai (stand Z5-H40) and SIGEP Rimini, where it will be present at stand D1-187.

These events will allow those who want to preview the new products, as well as participate in information sessions and finally interact with the industry experts who will be present at the stands.

We talked about the work behind this project, speaking with Mario Conti DVG DE VECCHI Managing Director, How this catalog was born and developed, what are the biggest news in 2024

“This is an evolution of its previous version, also taking into consideration the very rapid renewal of this type of product, which made the previous edition already outdated. But here a premise is necessary: the accessories catalog is different from the main one, the historical one of coffee machine components and spare parts – which today has over 50 thousand items (not all of which are produced by us, but also those purchased from our suppliers and the original spare parts of the respective machine manufacturers) and which contains a good part of spare parts for professional coffee machines, professional grinders and water softeners for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector – .


In addition to this, we have a part of internal production, the result of the joint work of our technical office, the research and development office, the mechanical and assembly workshop, with which we supply to all manufacturers of espresso machines; a relationship that, we can say, is one of partnership.

In the catalogue, the other types of exctraction (photo granted)

Returning to the new 2024 Accessories catalogue, it is something that we wanted to develop relatively recently – the first was presented on our first participation in Sigep, 6 years ago – when we realized that we were in a fair more centered on the barista and the operator, where we started talking about specialty coffee.

Thus arose the need to present we not only as producers of components and spare parts, but also to produce accessories.

Today this catalog has become quite extensive, the number of items which partly belong to our design and production, and partly to those marketed by well-known brands in the sector, has increased, always with a view to maintaining the DVG DE VECCHI line: attention to the products of a high level and, where possible, made in Italy.

Currently we are around 5-6000 codes in the catalogue.

Unlike spare parts and components, in this case we are mainly talking about equipment: ranging from the tamper that we make to the coffee grinders we resell. They therefore also represent a higher cost and value of the product.

We deal with more customers: those abroad who resell the products without using them directly, interested in both spare parts and accessories, and others who are more focused only on accessories and sell prosumer, domestic machines.

In the catalog there are also accessories and equipment for different extraction methods, such as the V60 and this is because DVG DE VECCHI, which until today has always been classified as a manufacturer of spare parts for professional coffee machines – which remains our core business –, is aware that the way we drink coffee is now changing everywhere.

Dripper inox Espresso brewing (photo granted)

There is no longer just espresso, but also the one drunk elsewhere outside Italy, the filter one, the cold brew, the French one, etc.

We therefore decided to have not only espresso coffee as a point of reference, but the 360-degree drink and therefore also consider other types of extraction.

This is because we are convinced that to be successful in this sector, to work well with all customers, we must enter symbiosis with the product. Because coffee is itself associated with an invitation to socialize.

For DVG DE VECCHI, the fact of being a point of reference for the world of coffee must go beyond the coffee machine – which has two functions, one aesthetic and one above all extractive – and include the consumption of a drink in its entirety, in its key role in terms of conviviality.

At any time, in any place in the world, we can see a coffee machine in a cafe, or even a V60 or other coffee equipment.

Here, understanding the habits of people in Milan, Rome, Naples, or in Dubai, Seoul, or Seattle, can also be done in an interesting way through coffee, which becomes a means of coming into contact with other cultures.

For example, going to South Korea for the first time several years ago, I was surprised by the way Koreans approach coffee: their type of place is a place where you go, sit, and often cup – or cup – is not even served at the counter.

So, when we started developing the 2024 catalogue, I tried to transfer all this thought to the graphics guys, going beyond the codes, images, and layout.

The catalog must be beautiful: the accessories are basically pieces of metal, but the catalog that shows them must not only be a work tool, but also something that is aesthetically pleasing that inspires you to want these products in your place.”

What will they find to experience first-hand at Sigep or WOC in Dubai?

“Beyond the freshly printed catalogue, those who come to visit us will be able to talk to our salespeople who will be ready to tell and explain.

There will be some components displayed on the stand, with distinctive graphics as we have always wanted to distinguish ourselves over the years.

We will bring the news as we always do on these occasions, together with our internal line of tampers – with wooden handles which are used a lot today, metal, aluminum – the limited-edition Black Mamba, all black, the Leo tamper, with the Built-in bristles that allow you to clean the filter holder when you press it.

We will also have new products developed by our technical office.

TechUp (photo granted)

The most obvious one will be the TechUp2™, a special filterholder that accurately measures the temperature and pressure of the coffee extracted from the espresso machine: it is our invention and patented. At Sigep we will bring its evolution equipped with an app that collects the pressure and temperature values of the coffee when it is dispensed, through the Bluetooth® standard.

Minimo (photo granted)

We will also exhibit special products dedicated to Specialty, such as the Matrix™ shower and the new Minimo™ group gasket made with special compounds and a Teflon® disc.

At the Fair there will also be the special filterholders that we produce, such as the naked ones, those for preparing tea, as well as the complete series of filterholders for using pods and capsules on professional machines: these are items that we started building several years ago and of which there is also a lot of demand in the professional world, in the more classic bars and restaurants, which want to offer different types of coffee in an easier and more immediate way.

portafilter for pods and capsules (photo granted)

In Italy they are widely used, and we also want to offer them on the Arab markets.”

The catalog will be in two languages, Italian and English, with transversal products that can be presented both at Sigep and at the World of Coffee in Dubai.

Does it only exist in paper format or also online?

“It exists in paper format and is already online on our website, like the other catalogues. We will also make it available in digital format that can be downloaded as PDF. We worked a lot on the online version, also adapting it for use on mobile devices and making it easy to use.

This is even though obviously the gesture of consulting the paper edition remains something different: even from a practical point of view, many repairers prefer to have it in their hands while working on the repair.

On the other hand, however, we have noticed that every year there are many new models of coffee machines that come out, so we certainly need to reevaluate the quantity of general catalogs to print. We see it at trade fairs: few want to take the paper version compared to those who choose to have it in the digital version.”

DVG DE VECCHI is also associated with SCA and Ucimac: is it important to be part of these two associations?

“We have been associated with SCA for several years now, when it was still called SCAE, because the main objective of being part of it is to be able to stay in contact with our indirect customer: we who build components without selling them directly to bartenders, sometimes we don’t know what their real needs are: through SCA, born with a great focus on baristas and trainers, we are able to create tampers, filterholders, steam valves and wands and many other parts, knowing how they are used and understanding their needs.

Along these lines, this year at Sigep we will be Silver sponsors of the various championships. We are very interested in hearing and seeing the various finalists at work: they are young people who have a very strong enthusiasm for this sector as well as being professionals.

From the external point of view, from ordinary people, it might almost seem like extreme attention to a drink that is consumed in a short time, and instead I want to compare the world of championships and bars to Formula 1 with the 500: what is designed to
innovating the racing car will one day help develop the 500 too!

So, these guys, together with a joint dissemination work by the players in the sector which we hope will be increasingly shared and effective, will be able to help get the message to the final consumer that there is a difference between a good espresso and a bad. And thus, the level of a drink that has its social values, as well as gustatory ones, will be raised.

On the topic of quality, we as DVG DE VECCHI focus on our products, making them to the best of our ability, aware of being part of a chain: if you start doing your part well, then you carry forward a virtuous example at events and to customers every day, from the technical office to the management, to the factory worker.

There are now almost 50 of us in the company and for those who are in production and sometimes carry out repetitive tasks, seeing the piece they have built inserted into the coffee machine is a great satisfaction.

As regards participation in Ucimac, last year we joined the Association of professional and semi- professional coffee machine and equipment manufacturers to stay close to our direct customers, the machine manufacturers. But at the same time also being able to contribute to the creation of compliant models and have a role in the discussion tables.

The most recent example is having to respond to European directives on machines that handle food products including coffee machines, which will also be required to comply with regulations currently under study regarding, for example, ergonomics in use. We will go into detail on how to design all tools and accessories correctly: we who build them must know these aspects in advance and make our voice heard in the field.

I therefore think it still makes sense to be part of these associations, I believe a lot in these organizations. For us at DVG DE VECCHI it is useful to be there to grasp the most important topics on which to act.”


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