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Espresso tonics are the latest bizarre coffee trend viral on Instagram

LONDON, UK – Espressos are for the brave, Americanos for psychopaths and cappuccinos or lattes for the rest of us. Those are the rules of coffee, right? They were, until someone went and brought tonic water into the equation. Over in Australia, the US and beyond, ‘espresso tonics’ are something people are actually choosing to drink.

Why we need to stop talking about “Specialty Coffee”. Beyond marketing

SYDNEY, Australia – “It’s like we decided long ago that everything better than ‘not complete shit’ should sit in the same category,” says Andrew Kelly of Melbourne’s Small Batch Roasting Co. The world-recognised roaster is done with the term “specialty coffee” – a description so common in the modern marketplace that it’s become meaningless.

PJ’s Coffee Vietnam announces finalists of The Barista Competition 2017

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam – The Barista Competition for Amateurs 2017 has completed the Semi-Final round last Sunday at PJ’s Coffee Sala. The top 4 competitors from the Semi-Final will compete in the Final round on Sunday 25th March to win the awards of a Da Lat trip and a professional Barista training course from Saigon Coffee Academy.

Clarkson University study demonstrates coffee and cocoa improve focus

POTSDAM, NY, U.S. – Coffee and chocolate are two widely beloved, delicious delicacies. Often thought to be unhealthy, these two flavor powerhouses may in fact have benefits to attention, motivation and energy. Researchers at Clarkson University and the University of Georgia recently completed a year long study about the effects of caffeine and ...

Why coca leaf, not coffee, may always be Colombia’s favourite cash crop

SANTIAGO DE CHILE, Chile – Colombia’s current peace process is facing numerous challenges. In a country that has suffered the worst impacts of the international drug war, one main dilemma is this: what to do with rural regions which have specialised in producing coca leaf, the main ingredient in one of the world’s most lucrative products?

Coffee prices in Rome remain among the lowest in Europe despite hikes

ROME, Italy – Unless you’re some sort of caffeine-phobe, if you’ve been to Rome you’ve almost certainly enjoyed some well-priced coffee in a café. So it might be surprising to hear that Italy’s capital will be raising prices for a cup of joe. The Local reports that Rome's Bar Association (that’s “bar” as in watering hole, not as in lawyers) has made ...

The Barista League to host panel about certifications in specialty coffee

GÖTEBORG, Sweden – On March 26 from 12:00 to 14:30, The Barista League will host a special educational panel discussion about certifications in specialty coffee. Why are certifications so difficult to talk about, what they really doing for the producers of our coffee, and how ethical are we really being when we buy, sell and drink our coffee.

In the face of Colombia’s coca boom, coffee & cocoa farming offer a remedy

WASHINGTON, U.S. – Colombia, still in a delicate phase of its history as it struggles to revive from five decades of war, is seeing a dramatic rise in coca cultivation. According to an analysis by the Washington Office on Latin America, this coca boom could be the largest ever.

Modishspoon, the coffee spoon that changes the way of enjoying espresso

MILAN – Modishspoon lands on Kickstarter! A revolutionary Italian designed coffee spoon forged to keep espresso crema intact. Coffee lovers globally are already making our revolutionary Italian designed coffee spoon a success. Many know that the crema keeps espresso hotter for longer, preserving its finest aroma and flavour.

Espresso Club beats Nespresso in the Clooney clone coffee ad claim

TEL AVIV, Israel – Espresso Club's use of George Clooney's character in an ad does not violate Nespresso's copyright ruled Tel Aviv District Court Judge, Magen Altuvia in dismissing Nespresso and Nestle's claim. "The plaintiffs seek to create the perception of a prestigious and quality brand within the Israeli public too ...