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GCP supports Alliance for Sustainable Coffee partnership launch in Perú

LIMA, Perú – On Tuesday 16 May, the Global Coffee Platform, the Cámara Peruana del Café y Cacao and the Junta Nacional del Café announced their agreement to launch a national collaboration called the Alianza para el Café Sostenible to spark further action and alignment in the sector.

How coffee, chocolate and tea overturned a millennia-old medical mindset

WASHINGTON, DC, U.S. – When Italian botanist Prospero Alpini traveled to Egypt in 1580, he discovered a world of unusual plants—strangely shaped bananas, bright red opium poppies, chunky baobab trees. After returning to Europe three years later, Alpini publicized his findings in two volumes, De Plantis Aegypti and Da Medicina Aegyptiorum.

Africa: How well has the Fairtrade movement done in the last 2 decades?

LONDON, UK – Today, in London, like in many other parts of the West, if you want to top up on polyphenolic antioxidants or simply add some Vitamin C in your body, Fairtrade products such as fresh coffee and fresh bananas are some of the products widely available on the market to cater to your needs.

Health risks: How much caffeine is too much according to science?

MILAN – Caffeine is having a cultural moment. Once believed to cause illness, recent research has linked the compound to a variety of health benefits. Sensing an opportunity, entrepreneurs seized on these health claims to launch new products. Today, caffeine-vehicles now include sprays, powders, gums, waffles, cubes, granola bars, and bagels.

Lavazza brings unique sensory experience to life at NRA Show 2017

CHICAGO, U.S. – Lavazza returns to the National Restaurant Association (NRA) this weekend to showcase an array of single origin and blended coffees specifically crafted for restaurant and hotel trade partners. The towering Lavazza experience, available from May 20 – 23, spans nearly 300 square meters in size and will be located at the entrance of ...

Suffering from chronic pain? Drinking a cup of coffee can provide relief

MILAN – Coffee is the most common beverage consumed globally. It has many advantages like it can boost your fiber intake, protect you from liver cirrhosis, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and much more. According to the recent study, coffee is far better in healing the chronic pain compared to the pain killer pills like ibuprofen.

Third Wave Water making waves in the specialty coffee industry

CEDARVILLE, OH, U.S. – Third Wave Water is proud to announce its successful integration with many top performing brewing recipes during Specialty Coffee Association competition. Competitors using Third Wave Water placed first and second in the United States and Polish competitions and first in the Ukraine.

UK Liberal Democrats target disposable coffee cups in Manifesto pledge

LONDON, UK – A Liberal Democrat pledge to impose a 5p charge on disposable coffee cups has been blasted as a “knee jerk reaction to the media”. The plan will be included in the party’s manifesto for June’s General Election. It also forms part of a ‘Zero Waste Act’, incorporating a 70% recycling target.

City of Seoul to team up with coffeehouse chains for recycling effort

SEOUL, South Korea – The Seoul Metropolitan Government is teaming up with major coffeehouse chains in South Korea for a new recycling project that will see a weekly dose of coffee grounds reused as fertilizer and disposable cups collected for recycling, as part of a new environmental initiative set to kick off next month.

Coffee associated with liver wellness in patients with chronic liver disease

HEMPSTEAD, NY, U.S. – Many people ask about liver wellness and what they can do to keep their liver healthy. The best recommendations are to avoid potential risk factors for chronic liver disease such as drug and alcohol use, make sure vaccination against hepatitis A and B are performed and proven effective and to follow a healthy diet ...