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Why we need to stop talking about “Specialty Coffee”. Beyond marketing

SYDNEY, Australia – “It’s like we decided long ago that everything better than ‘not complete shit’ should sit in the same category,” says Andrew Kelly of Melbourne’s Small Batch Roasting Co. The world-recognised roaster is done with the term “specialty coffee” – a description so common in the modern marketplace that it’s become meaningless.

Introducing the official trailer of the third edition of Trieste Coffee Experts

TRIESTE, Italy – Once again, the biannual summit organised by the Bazzara brothers will take place in Trieste (Italy) during the Barcolana regatta, the city’s most important event. On the 7th October 2017, the main protagonists of the Italian coffee world will be welcomed by the sails and the sea ...

Growth in coffee spending set to outpace consumption in North America

MILAN – According to the Statista Consumer Market Outlook, 2016, growth in North American and European coffee spending is set to outpace any increase in consumption over the next few years. The CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of spending from 2015 to 2020 is forecast see positive growth of three percent ...

Clarkson University study demonstrates coffee and cocoa improve focus

POTSDAM, NY, U.S. – Coffee and chocolate are two widely beloved, delicious delicacies. Often thought to be unhealthy, these two flavor powerhouses may in fact have benefits to attention, motivation and energy. Researchers at Clarkson University and the University of Georgia recently completed a year long study about the effects of caffeine and ...

Why coca leaf, not coffee, may always be Colombia’s favourite cash crop

SANTIAGO DE CHILE, Chile – Colombia’s current peace process is facing numerous challenges. In a country that has suffered the worst impacts of the international drug war, one main dilemma is this: what to do with rural regions which have specialised in producing coca leaf, the main ingredient in one of the world’s most lucrative products?

What are the best tips and tricks to brew the perfect pour-over coffee?

NEW YORK, U.S. – In a world of Nespresso, Keurig, french press and good old-fashioned drip machines, your next cup of coffee generally isn’t too far away. Though the question is, just how good is that next cup of coffee going to be? We certainly all have our preferences, but we believe that more often than not, sticking to simplicity is key.

Australian coffee company Di Bella to step up its investments in India

MUMBAI – Australian coffee company Di Bella Coffee plans a major expansion in India and looks upon Starbucks as its main competitor in the premium coffee retail segment. "We are stepping up our India operations. We will open nine more outlets in Mumbai by year end," the company's Founder & Managing Director Phillip Di Bella stated in an interview.

Espresso is about to get more expensive in Rome, city’s bar authority says

ROME, Italy – The price of coffee in Rome will rise by ten to 20 cents by the end of the summer, the city's bar authority said on Tuesday. Though the Italian capital has a reputation for being pricey, coffee prices are fiercely protected, and in most bars you can get an espresso for ...

Does domestic consumption pose a threat to Ethiopia’s coffee exports?

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – According to a report by Euromonitor, Ethiopia is now one of the largest coffee markets in Africa with a rough estimate of 127,000 tonnes sold in 2015, which is a quarter of the total volume of coffee sold in the Middle East and Africa. The figure is comparable to those of much wealthier countries like South Korea and Russia.

Want a better cuppa? Hack your Keurig. The basics of coffee brewing

WASHINGTON, U.S. – To produce the best possible cup from your Keurig machine, you must do something antithetical to the whole instant-gratification, K-Cup pod culture: You must learn a few basic things about brewing coffee. I’m sorry, I know this isn’t why you bought a Keurig brewer.