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Burundi coffee growers gain insights from high resolution satellite imagery

Earth-i has teamed up with WeatherSafe to support the coffee farmers of Burundi through Earth-i’s ACCORD program. ACCORD combines very high resolution satellite imagery with crop analysis to provide stakeholders with critical insights on key coffee farming decisions to improve crop quality , thereby supporting sustainable growth ...

Coalition of over 65 partners agree to actions to make coffee sustainable

ARLINGTON, Va., U.S. – The Sustainable Coffee Challenge, a coalition of over 65 partners including corporations, governments, NGOs and research organizations, today announced the first four Collective Action Networks to further its effort to make coffee the first sustainable agricultural product in the world.

Tropical Pacific remains warmer than average, says Australia’s BOM

MELBOURNE, Australia – The El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) remains neutral. With the tropical Pacific Ocean warmer than average, and around half the international climate models reaching El Niño levels later in the year, development of El Niño in 2017 cannot be ruled out.

UK Liberal Democrats target disposable coffee cups in Manifesto pledge

LONDON, UK – A Liberal Democrat pledge to impose a 5p charge on disposable coffee cups has been blasted as a “knee jerk reaction to the media”. The plan will be included in the party’s manifesto for June’s General Election. It also forms part of a ‘Zero Waste Act’, incorporating a 70% recycling target.

ENSO-neutral and El Niño nearly equally favoured over the next 6 months

COLLEGE PARK, Maryland, U.S. – ENSO-neutral persisted during April, with near-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) observed across the central equatorial Pacific and above-average SSTs in the eastern Pacific. The latest weekly Niño index values were +0.5°C in the Niño-3 and Niño-3.4 regions, and +0.3 and +0.8°C in the Niño-4 and ...

Coffee’s fate is getting jittery as climate change puts growing areas at risk

WASHINGTON, U.S. – A century ago, Puerto Rico was a coffee-growing powerhouse that sent its finest beans across the Atlantic to satisfy the demands of the European market. Since then, the Caribbean island's role in the global market has dimmed, but coffee remains an iconic product, recently boosted by a small resurgence in coffee cultivation.

Temperatures in Puerto Rico represent a challenge for coffee growers

WASHIGTON, U.S. – Climate projections indicate Puerto Rico may be warmer and drier, likely impacting one of the Island's most iconic crops. This could result in less-favorable growing conditions in the coming decades for coffee. A new study by the USDA Caribbean Climate Hub shows that if greenhouse gas emissions and temperatures continue ...

Saving coffee: Scientists search for plants to solve production deficit

MANILA – The coffee industry has tapped scientists to find plants more adaptable to a changing climate after an alarming four-year deficit in coffee production, according to a Bloomberg report. The report cites that the World Coffee Research Institute is scouring countries for plant varieties and doing experiments to see which plants can survive ...

In collaboration with Starbucks, Kobe brews a renewable energy source

OSAKA – Coffee drinkers in Kobe who are wondering what they can do to help the environment and support local renewable energy projects might consider heading to a Starbucks. Last December, as part of a local effort to increase alternative energy sources, the city teamed up with Starbucks and researchers at Kindai University ...

Germany’s most sustainably transported coffee arrives on Earth Day

BREMEN, Germany – Organic coffee transported between continents by wind, the sailing cargo ship the Avontuur will arrive in Bremen, Germany on Earth Day 2017 signalling a foundational shift towards a truly sustainable shipping culture. Timbercoast, the owner of the Avontuur, with their partners at SLOKOFFIE are accelerating the development of ...