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Cascara could be this summer’s next big thing, say tea specialists

NAPA VALLEY, U.S. – There was cold brew, then nitro cold brew. Matcha had a moment. And then, of course, came the Unicorn Frappuccino. Now the next "it" drink could come from a part of the coffee plant that has typically been tossed into the compost heap. Coffee beans grow inside coffee cherries, which are harvested and hulled.

Boje Gowda appointed new chairman of the Coffee Board of India

NEW DELHI, India - Prabhat Kamal Bezboruah and M S Boje Gowda were today appointed as chairmen of the Tea Board and the Coffee Board, respectively. Bezboruah is a leading tea association industrialist and Gowda is a renowned coffee grower. The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has approved their appointments ...
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Chinese researchers read the tea genome. It’s four times that of coffee

WASHINGTON DC, U.S. – There are lots of different kinds of tea—black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong and more. Like coffee and wine, the flavor of tea is shaped by the soil in which tea plants are grown, the variety of the bush, as well as how it is dried and processed.

Nestlé India plans to strengthen its coffee portfolio in the domestic market

MUMBAI, India – Nestlé India plans to diversify its brand portfolio in India in order to reduce its dependency on a single brand, according to company sources. "We have 2,000 brands globally and we will be exploring ways to bring some of them to this market," Nestle India Chairman and Managing Director Suresh Narayanan stated ...
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Capitalise on your tea offering to drive revenue while coffee prices fluctuate

LONDON, UK – Britain’s leading purchasing company, Beacon, has released research showing that English breakfast tea still tops the charts with 42% of the Great British public choosing it as their favourite hot drink. Coffee comes in a not so close second, with 25% of people saying speciality coffees were their favourite, and ...

SpecialityCoffee&Tea2018 a trendsetter for the speciality industry in Asia

SINGAPORE – Asia is catching up fast in the “third” and “fourth wave” of global coffee consumption and café culture. Whilst international coffee chains continue to dominate Asian markets, there is immense potential for the speciality coffee market to grow. Consumers are eager to learn about and appreciate speciality coffees ...

East African Teas to be showcased during the 3rd African Tea Convention

NAIROBI – The 3rd African Tea Convention will take place in Nairobi, Kenya, from May 10th to 12th 2017. This year’s edition follows up the concept launched in Mombasa, Kenya in June 2011, followed by the 2nd event in Kigali, Rwanda in August 2014. The African Tea market is strongly upgrading its profile, with consumption increasing steadily ...

Tea out-of-home underperforms as Brits’ love of coffee takes over

LONDON, UK – Sales in the UK tea out-of-home category are underperforming against the wider coffee shop market value, according to Tea Out-Of-Home 2017, the latest report in the Project Café UK Series by Allegra World Coffee Portal. The UK coffee shop sector increased by 12% in turnover ...

Tata Global Beverages ties up with Alibaba to take Tetley tea bags to China

NEW DELHI, India – About 300 years after the British East India Company introduced tea plantations in India to kill Chinese monopoly on its trade, the Indian owners of a classic British tea brand are introducing it in China. Tata Global Beverages Ltd has entered a tie-up with e-commerce firm Alibaba to sell Tetley tea bags ...

Sri Lanka to celebrate the 150 years of its national tea industry in August

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – The world’s number 4 tea producer, after China , India and Kenya the island has produced 329,000 metric tonnes of Ceylon Tea in 2015. After more than 150 years of development, the time has come to celebrate this longstanding, important and famous tea production and tea trade and industry.