Wednesday 19 January 2022
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Gillo Dorfles behind the latest illy Art Collection

Rome, Italy – illycaffè is sponsor of the one-man show “Gillo Dorfles. Essere nel tempo”, the first major retrospective to celebrate Dorfles’ art and...

La Marzocco at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome

FLORENCE (ITALY) La Marzocco, a worldwide leader in professional coffee machines "Handmade in Florence", replicates its commitment to world of art by participating in...

ATHLETICS – Segafredo Zanetti is the new Official Sponsor of the Golden Gala

Segafredo Zanetti is the new Official Partner and Official Coffee supplier of the "Golden Gala - Pietro Mennea", which takes place Thursday, June 5th...

ITALY – Segafredo Zanetti is the Official Partner at the Internazionali BNL d’Italia

ROME – The 71st edition of the Internazionali BNL d’Italia of tennis kicked off yesterday, and for the first time Segafredo Zanetti is Official...

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