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Peter Schiebele. A talk about the chemical of Coffee. Science speaks to coffee consumers

CAMERINO - “The Quality of Coffee: a never-ending research” at the university on Thursday 30 November and Friday 1 December 2017 hosted form the many experts also Peter Schiebele. The Professor talked to us about the chemistry of coffee.

How ARC helps Lennart Clerckx fulfil his dream of a new trade model

MILANO - Lennart Clerckx, a 35 years old dutch man, founder of Tsu - This side up - , trader of non commercial coffees,...

Thomas Patrick Meier: Franke’s new approach to the Italian coffee market

MILAN - Thomas Patrick Meier (PICTURE) is the CEO of Franke Coffee Systems, a globally leading manufacturer of super-automatic coffee machines in the world...

“We still work to Make It Better”. An interview with Paolo Dalla Corte

MILANO – Dalla Corte is a leading Italian company that specialises in the manufacturing of professional coffee machines manufacturing. Paolo Dalla Corte (in the...

Cimbali Group: “More than new products at Host” says Simona Colombo

MILAN – Simona Colombo is the Cimbali Group’s Marketing and Communication Director. We interviewed her just before the opening of Hostmilano, one of the...

Tim Varney tells us the original World AeroPress Championship history

MILANO, Vista Darsena, Italy - Tim Varney is an expert of the specialty coffee industry. His knowledge focuses on quality, roasting and coffee bar management. He's mostly noted as the longtime second in command at Oslo’s Tim Wendelbo. He spent six years at Oslo, working for them and two years at The Tate Modern in London.

WCSA at Host Milano looks for ways of taking up challenges to come

MILAN – WCSA, which stands for the Western Convenience Store Association, is one of the Canadian associations that have signed an agreement with HostMilano: a way of getting a larger number of high-profile professional visitors from a part of the world with considerable growth potential to come to the forthcoming edition.

New Starbucks CEO on employing teamwork to fill “venti-sized shoes”

SEATTLE, U.S. – Kevin Johnson counts a timepiece from the late 19th century and a book from the early 21st century among his most treasured possessions. The newly minted successor to Howard Schultz as Starbucks chief executive officer keeps the former at his home.

New Starbucks CEO aims to build company that will last a century

SEATTLE, U.S. – On Monday, Kevin Johnson becomes the CEO of Starbucks — the first time in nine years Howard Schultz has not been at the helm of the coffee empire he began building 30 years ago. Tall and polished, with a ready smile and a hearty handshake, Johnson brings to the role a deep knowledge of the company ...

Santo Kaffeto is teaching foreigners and locals about Colombian coffee

MANIZALES, Colombia – Colombian coffee is known the world over as one of the highest-quality and widely available varieties. According to the International Coffee Organization, only two countries — Brazil and Vietnam — produce more, and Colombia has the prestigious distinction of only cultivating top-tier Arabica beans ...

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