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Peter Schiebele. A talk about the chemical of Coffee. Science speaks to coffee consumers

Peter Schiebele intervied by Comunicaffè International, in the occasion of the International Hub of the University of Camerino

Peter Schiebele

CAMERINO – During the Hub “ The quality of Coffee: a never-ending research” we listened to the intervention by Peter Schiebele. “The Sensonomics approach: a useful tool to understand the influence of processing parameters in coffee manufacturing on changes in the key aroma compounds of coffee beverages”.

Peter Schiebele: who is he?

Professor Schiebele works at the Faculty of Chemistry, Technical University of Munich. He’s one of the most important chemical experts in the world. He made several types of research focused on the chemical of coffee. He’s also invented the Sensonomics. A new kind of science which studies the rational tasting under the instrumental control.

The interview for Comunicaffè International to Peter Schiebele

An unusual question, about a fake news. It regards the butter with coffee: is it really good or not? In America and in Italy, there’s the idea that this new recipe doesn’t make you fat. What’s your opinion as a Professor?

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