Saturday 25 June 2022
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Chinese have got drinking coffee down to a tee

By Xu Junqian* He is seen on billboards the world over promoting Nespresso coffee but it seems that George Clooney does not quite fit the...

Chinese tea farmers are switching to coffee

More lucrative than growing tea, coffee enjoys a new popularity among China's younger generation with a thirst for Starbucks and Nestle. PU'ER, China —...

CHINA / YUNNAN – Chinese coffee industry strives for greater global influence

YUNNAN (China) - Coffee growers in southwestern China's Yunnan province have managed to expand rapidly despite drought conditions and a four-year slump in sales. This...

VIETNAM – Coffee exporters look to Chinese market

HANOI (Vietnam) - To explore the over 1.3 billion people market, the biggest ever number of Vietnamese coffee makers have joined the ongoing 2013...

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