Sunday 25 February 2024
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SIAL Middle East to brew a winner at UAE National Coffee Championships

SIAL Middle East, the region’s fastest growing professional exhibition for the food and beverage industry, is excited to announce details of the 2017 UAE...

SSP partners with Grind to open new café-bar outlets at UK travel locations

SSP, a leading operator of food and beverage brands in travel locations worldwide, has partnered with fast-growing café-bar and restaurant brand Grind and plans...

Coca-Cola Coffee Plus released in Japanese vending machines

It’s called Coca-Cola Coffee Plus, and it has fifty percent more caffeine and fifty percent fewer calories. According to Shin-Shouhin (via Get News), Coca-Cola...

Costa fuels cold coffee trend with its latest innovation, the Costa Cold Brew

LONDON, UK —Introducing Costa Cold Brew; the latest menu innovation bolstering the coffee brand’s resolve to inspire the world to love good coffee. The smooth, refreshing drink is made from a carefully selected single-origin Colombian blend designed for a rich and balanced flavour profile.

Clear Coffee that won’t stain teeth is now available in the United Kingdom

LONDON – There were hard lessons to be learned from the failures of Crystal Pepsi, Zima, and other casualties of the clear-beverage fad of the 1990s. But what if a see-through coffee was more than a novelty? What if it provided an actual, tangible benefit? We’ll shortly find out.

Cascara could be this summer’s next big thing, say tea specialists

NAPA VALLEY, U.S. – There was cold brew, then nitro cold brew. Matcha had a moment. And then, of course, came the Unicorn Frappuccino. Now the next "it" drink could come from a part of the coffee plant that has typically been tossed into the compost heap. Coffee beans grow inside coffee cherries, which are harvested and hulled.

Califia Farms wins Whole Food Market’s “Supplier of the Year” Award

LOS ANGELES, CA, U.S. – Califia Farms, the leading nut milk and ready-to-drink cold brew brand in the natural channel, was named Supplier of the Year for 2016 by Whole Foods Market. The annual Whole Foods Market Supplier Awards are the company’s highest honor for producer partners that embody its mission and values.

Second Cup elevates the cold coffee experience with Flash Cold Brew

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Canada – Canadian specialty coffee company Second Cup today reveals its next evolution in iced coffee with the introduction of Flash Cold Brew. The cold coffee category is the fastest growing segment in the market and this launch is part of Second Cup's commitment to provide customers with the ultimate coffee experience.

Bad Larry’s, there’s now such thing as boozy cold brew hard coffee

MILAN – Although both Jack Daniel's and Starbucks have launched their own whiskey-flavored coffee products over the last few months, they -- for better or worse -- actually don't contain any alcohol. A new "hard" cold brew coffee, however, packs a dangerously good-sounding double threat.

Starbucks introduces Cascara Latte with flavors from the coffee cherry

This winter, Starbucks is introducing the Cascara Latte with flavors from the fruit of the coffee cherry. Inspired by the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in...

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