Second Cup elevates the cold coffee experience with Flash Cold Brew


MISSISSAUGA, ON, Canada – Canadian specialty coffee company Second Cup today reveals its next evolution in iced coffee with the introduction of Flash Cold Brew. The cold coffee category is the fastest growing segment in the market and this launch is part of Second Cup’s commitment to provide customers with the ultimate coffee experience.

“At Second Cup, we’ve made uncompromising improvements to every aspect of our coffee process, from farm to cup, to ensure we’re delivering the best tasting coffee,” says Chris Sonnen, Coffee Expert and Vice President, Coffee Experience, Second Cup Coffee Co.

“Flash Cold Brew is our latest coffee innovation and the result of this specialized, Flash Brew method is a superior coffee taste profile that’s full flavour and extra smooth.”

Second Cup coffee experts chose the Flash Brew method because of its incredible taste. This technique best preserves the freshness, locking in the aromatics and highlighting the flavour profile of the roast. The result? A smooth, sweet, bright and clean taste far superior to traditional iced coffee.

The brand is encouraging Canadians to Rethink the Cold and experience the full flavour and extra smoothness of Flash Cold Brew. Available in three delicious varieties: Classic Black, Vanilla Bean and Mocca, Flash Cold Brew is the perfect everyday favourite for any coffee enthusiast.