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Senzani Brevetti: Omnia‚ new all-in-one cartoner for coffee capsules‚ shined at Host2021

“Our technological solutions, which guarantee versatility, care in treating aluminium capsules and high performances, were particularly appreciated“, says the company about its participation in the trade fair.

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FAENZA (Ravenna) – A great success: this is how Senzani Brevetti describes their participation in the latest edition of the trade exhibition Host Milano, where the company presented its automatic packaging solutions for coffee capsules, including 0MNIA, the revolutionary all-in-one cartoner, capable of packing ordered capsules in all possible configurations and types of cartons.

Senzani Brevetti, the success at Host

“This trade exhibition was a very important opportunity for us, both for the chance of finally going back to meeting the main players in the market in person, and because on this occasion we introduced the latest news in our product line. Coffee is a leading sector for us today and this shows that the significant investments in R&D we have made over the last few years were worth it,” says Adele Rava, Marketing and Sales manager at Senzani Brevetti.

But what are the most appreciated aspects of Senzani machines?

“Starting from 0MNIA, the main product of our line for ordered packaging of coffee capsules, our machines are appreciated for their incredible versatility: with just some simple adjustments, the same machine can treat all possible configurations and types of cartons, and not only in the same-vertical-orientation but also alternated or nested capsule configurations, like the tube/stick, the multi-layer packages and the special 2×2, 3×3 and 4×4 box sets. The format changeover is extremely fast as well, it really takes maximum 30 minutes”.

“Another aspect where our designers have invested great effort and found innovative solutions is how to treat capsules made of aluminium, an eco-friendly material that has to be handled with particular care and attention” adds Adele Rava. “For this reason and thanks to a patented system, in 0MNIA the capsules are guided along their entire flow, thus preventing possible stumbling or colliding into each other, so as to avoid deformations and allow a balanced infeed”.

For a coffee roaster, would this machine therefore be a profitable investment for the future?

“Of course. 0MNIA is a reliable solution with a consolidated technology and has been on the market for over 5 years now. Moreover, its performances are very high: the machine is able to pack up to 80 cartons/min, with a feeding speed of up to 800 capsules per minute, insertion of the interlayer and carton dividers included. Thanks to its “clean-design”, 0MNIA minimises the costs, both in terms of maintenance (also because of an automatic cleaning system) and waste production, thus optimising the Return on Investment.

Adele Rava concludes: “In addition to 0MNIA, Senzani’s product line consists of many other machines for the packaging of coffee capsules, from the carton to the end of the line, regardless of the capsule type to be packaged, like, for example, DolceGusto or K-cup, or the packaging type, like tray with lid or wrap-around.

Together with the coffee roasters, our designers are always working on the most suitable solution, customizing the machine based on the production goal or the marketing and sales needs. We work as a team, offering the experience we gained through the production of billions of cartons in 17 years and, listening to our clients’ new needs, we improve and innovate our products all the time. To conclude, I would like to thank all our “coffee friends”, this success is yours to share!”

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