Tuesday 24 May 2022

Senzani introduces 0mnia, the revolutionary all-in-one cartoner for all coffee capsules formats

0mnia can pack in the most various carton formats any type of capsule among all those on the market, as Nespresso, Caffitaly, K-cup, A Modo Mio, Lavazza blu and Vertuo. A compact footprint and an exclusive system for aluminium handling make it a cutting-edge solution

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FAENZA, Ravenna, Italy – The coffee capsules world is constantly evolving: new formats and also new packaging types are demanded to meet marketing and distribution needs, making packaging increasingly complex. To support packers and coffee-roasters, Senzani Brevetti, an Italian company on the market for over 65 years, has created 0mnia, a revolutionary “all-in-one” cartoner that starts a new generation of automatic coffee capsules packaging machines.

0mnia is a form-and-fill cartoning machine from flat blank to pack capsules in all possible nested configurations and into all types of cartons. Single or multilayer, with or without honeycomb sheet, with or without interlayer pad, in 2 × 2 configuration, in flip-top closure carton; with “standing” capsules, alternated or nested; in tube / stick, in 3 × 3 or 4 × 4 box.

An extremely flexible solution, Senzani designers can custom-make to suit the most complex requests and configurations in terms of pack, performance and dimensions, but also according to capsule formats (from Nespresso to Caffitaly, from K-cup to Lavazza blu, from A Modo Mio up to the brand new Vertuo). For these reasons 0mnia has already drawn the attention and appreciation of many major players both in the Italian and international market.

The technical solutions Senzani has conceived and patented also allow 0mnia to treat every single capsule with the utmost care, even the aluminium-made (nowadays more and more preferable to plastics, in terms of product quality and sustainability). At the same time 0mnia perfectly handles the carton and dividing pads, both between the layers and the capsules (interlayer and honey-comb sheets).

0mnia can also count on an extremely compact footprint (from 2 x 3.9 meters) which makes it the perfect solution in production plants with limited space available. The carton format change is extremely quick and intuitive for the operator, thanks to colour codes, which guide the operations.

0mnia is the “point zero” of a line that includes other machines for ordered capsules cartoning, able to pack up to 80 cartons per minute, with an infeed speed up to 800 ppm.

This line goes hand in hand with other solutions for both cartoning of random capsules and end of line, such varied offer makes Senzani Brevetti the ideal partner for a coffee-roaster or a copacker, regardless the type of capsule or pack to be made.

Senzani in fact, helps their Customers improving their production sustainability and efficiency, thanks to the team of designers developing the most suitable solution, custom-tailored according to production targets or marketing and sales needs.

Funded by Iro Senzani in 1953, Senzani Brevetti is today run by the family’s third generation, manufacturing primary and secondary packaging machinery and technology, end-of line solutions and complete lines. The company is active in various sectors as food (especially coffee, pasta, confectionery), tobacco, home and personal care, pet-food.

The company’s continuous tendency to innovation (counting 43 patents registered in Europe and the US) has led Senzani to install over 2 thousand machines worldwide for the most important global companies, among them Nestlé, Barilla, Mondelez, Unilever and Mars.

For further info, visit www.senzani.com.

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