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Sandalj Trading showcases world class specialty coffees at WOC 2017

This year Sandalj is sponsoring a station at the World Latte Art Championship Espresso Bar with some of its latest and most interesting lots. Visitors will be able to cup a Colombian lot from the company’s Women's Coffee Project, an Ethiopia Yirgacheffe from their signature Traceability Project, the Ethiopia Washed Sidamo Guji and a Colombian ACE National Winner from Finca El Jardìn.

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BUDAPEST – From the 13th to the 15th of June Sandalj Trading Company is participating at the annual World of Coffee event organized by SCA, association it helped co-found a number of decades ago.

The yearly fair is the event that best expresses the quest for quality, innovation and research that have characterized the Specialty Coffee Association since its inception.

La Cimbali

Present at both stand D2/D3 and at the World Latte Art Championship Espresso Bar, visitors will be able to cup different coffees on rotation throughout the three event days.

The first choice is part of the company’s Women’s Coffee Project, this time in collaboration with the Colombian  Asociacón de Mujeres Rurales Prisma de Tello “Asopurisma” (PICTURE).


“Behind every cup of coffee lie producing areas with living and working conditions that are often challenging, affecting children and families the most. It has been observed that the proportion of income that trickles down to children is lower with male earners compared to female bread winners.

While this is not always the case, we have decided to empower female coffee producers and invest in their coffee production, to create demand among consumers for female-produced coffee.” says Theresa Sandalj, majority shareholder of the Trieste-based company.

Asopurisma for example, is a 64 hectare cooperative of 25 mujeres cafeteras from Huila who farm their allotments at altitudes at around 1,500 meters above sea level. When cupped, this lot is reminiscent of blood orange, nuts and almonds, and an aftertaste of pink grapefruit.

Another single origin to try at the Espresso Bar is Meteku Shento’s Natural Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. Shade-grown under ensete plants in iron-rich soil, it is good-bodied with a pleasant acidity and intense sweetness reminiscent of mature melon. Its interesting aftertaste has notes of hibiscus.

The Sandalj Ethiopia Washed Sidamo Guji Gr.2 is also on the menu: shade-grown in volcanic soil at around 1,700 meters asl, its distinguishing features are an intense citrus acidity and aromas of bergamot and fresh flowers, with a persistent aftertaste reminiscent of fresh fruit and spices.

Then comes an ACE National Winner from the Colombian Finca El Jardín, where Celestino and his wife Lucia grow Castillo and Colombia cherries that according to Edy Bieker –head of quality and training at Sandalj Trading, have an intense, almost lime-like acidity, interesting perceptions of grape and an unexpected note of dark chocolate.

Sandalj Trading is also collaborating with Umami Areafor its Barista Camp. Students get to spend a half-day at WOC, where they will be divided into groups to take part in various workshops. Francesca Bieker –trainer at Sandalj’s Accademia del Caffè, will lead training sessions at the stand of Pistoia-based roaster Oriental Caffè.

With the support of Oriental’s team, students will learn about espresso extraction and cupping methods with a number of Sandalj single origins and Oriental Caffè’s signature blend of the importer’s coffees.

Another collaboration will take place at the Sandalj station of the WLAC Espresso Bar, this time with Scentone, a US producer of aroma kits. There will be three half-hour sessions (Wednesday at 2:30pm and Thursday first at 11:30am and another at 2:30pm) in which Sandalj Trading will brew coffees for the public, who’ll have to match them with the aromas provided in the Scentone kits.

The company

Sandalj Trading Company is an importer of high quality coffees. Over 70 years of experience have made it a benchmark for the specialty coffee and espresso industries. Services offered range from procurement and logistics, to tailor-made blending and consulting.

Its quality department evaluates more than 35,000 cups of espresso every year and the training department is one of the first of its kind in the country.

For more information: www.sandalj.com


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