Monday 08 August 2022
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Sandalj Trading Company

Sandalj Trading Company for Host: «Stay safe and see you in 2022 at Triestespresso»

TRIESTE, Italy - Sandalj Trading Company has announced they will not be exhibiting for the first time since Salone Internazionale del Caffè’s (SIC) inception,...

Sandalj Trading showcases world class specialty coffees at WOC 2017

BUDAPEST – This year Sandalj is sponsoring a station at the World Latte Art Championship Espresso Bar with some of its latest and most interesting lots. Visitors will be able to cup a Colombian lot from the company’s ...

Edy Bieker (Sandalj): Traceability is not a sure recipe for high quality

MILAN – In this exclusive interview to Comunicaffè, Edy Bieker (in the pictures), coffee expert at Sandalj Trading Company, talks about coffee traceability and...

Sandalj’s traceable coffees: outstanding microlots with a detailed story

Every lot of the signature Sandalj Traceability coffees is certified using a meticulous account of its origin. SAndalj presented at HOST 2015 their latest...

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