Monday 27 June 2022

La Marzocco presents Origin Exhibit at Re;Co Symposium in Budapest

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SCARPERIA, Italy – La Marzocco joins the specialty coffee industry in Budapest, for the Re;Co Symposium, bringing a vibrant look at origin to the new Re:co Interactive program.

The Re;co Symposium – focused on discussions, workshops, and sensory explorations – is taking place in Budapest from Monday through Thursday as follows: Re:co Talks at the historic Pesti Vigadó (12 June) followed by Re:co Interactive at Hungexpo during World Of Coffee (13-15 June).

This is a unique opportunity for industry professionals to gather, network and engage, as well as experience the latest trends and projects in coffee equipment, alliances and sustainability.

La Marzocco supports both Re;Co Symposium events and proudly introduces, on behalf of the Songwa partners, Hands for Songwa and Origin, a photo exhibit by Jakob de Boer.

Curated by Marta Kokosar, La Marzocco Alliance Marketing Manager, she will present initiatives and values concerning sustainability, the coffee plantation in Tanzania and collective efforts in education, social responsibility and innovation.


Origin is La Marzocco’s itinerant fine art photography exhibit with works by Jakob de Boer following two trips to Songwa Estates, near Mbeya, Tanzania:

“Its untamed beauty is disarming. There is a richness here; a fertility that stands in stark contrast to the common perception of need. Every inch of this land is brimming with life expressed through countless colours and sounds.

Every face I came across reflected a consonance with the environment . . . There was a peacefulness in these people that is difficult to describe; a grace in their movement even when negotiating the most arduous terrain, or attending to a taxing task.”

A percentage of the proceeds for the sale of the photos will be donated to benefit the community in the immediate vicinity of the plantation.

Hands for Songwa

The Songwa Estates partners, La Marzocco, Mahlkönig and Probat, leading coffee equipment manufacturers based in Europe, announce Hands for Songwa. Why Hands for Songwa? To accomplish more:

Like coffee, the dedicated and passionate people who work the farm are a precious resource. Beginning in January 2017, a percentage of the sale of products manufactured by the partners will be donated towards carefully selected projects in an aim to improve and support the farm and its immediate community.

Funds that will be raised during 2017 have been allocated to the construction of four wells, including platforms and pumps.

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