Record visitors at SIGEP 2016 in Rimini, Italy


RIMINI, Italy – Record-breaking trade visitor and business figures. The 37° SIGEP closed today at Rimini Fiera, along with RHEX Rimini Horeca Expo, with the exceptional result of 201,321 visitors, 8% more than 2015 (certified figures undergoing supervision according to international standard ISO 25639:2008).

Foreign visitors rose to 41,122 trade members from 150 countries.

It was therefore the conclusion of an edition that, in all its various contents, had the common denominator of business success ensured by over a thousand companies occupying the entire expo centre.

There was also the aspect of internationality that defines Rimini Fiera as a world hub for the artisan confectionery production and catering chains.

This is borne out by the great symbolic events of the various sectors: Gelato World Cup, Pastry Queen, Bread in the City, The Star of Chocolate and the Gelato World Tour.

Rimini Fiera chairman Lorenzo Cagnoni comments, ´At the end of the expo, the signs of growth seen on the market in recent months and which we are now sharing are confirmed.

It is a global success, for a local area that is organized and welcoming, an efficient international level expo centre, a sector representing solid Italian-made products with a growth potential still to be fully exploited, and which we are already working on to support.´

The halls hosted over 500 events promoted by Rimini Fiera and by the companies, all featuring knowledge and innovation. An extraordinary opportunity for training and participating in trends, therefore widespread growth. 720 Italian and foreign journalists and bloggers were accredited, accounting for over 175,000 million media contacts to date.

Patrizia Cecchi, manager of Rimini Fiera´s Wellness, Food & Beverage & Consumer business unit, comments, ´The worldwide success of SIGEP is due to the unbeatable interaction between innovative companies targeting export, the world´s great master artisans and international events.

The expo thus connects the growth processes and speeds up prospects of development.

Three firmly connected components, which represent a fast moving system that multiplies relations, contacts and contracts.´

The precise strategy of Rimini Fiera to support the development of SIGEP from a business point of view, and as well as infrastructural, logistic and technological innovation are concerned, is now expanded with a project that is coherent with the expo´s constant growth: a process that will make new exhibit space available, which will be obtained by rationalizing the already existing connecting areas between the halls and making them useable, starting in 2017 and being completed in 2018.

SIGEP 2017, which will be joined by the biennial A.B. TECH EXPO, will be held from January 21st to 25th.

The next appointment with the Food & Beverage expos at Rimini Fiera is with BEER ATTRACTION, from 20th to 23rd February 2016.