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CoffeExperts is out: the new book edited by the brothers Andrea and Marco Bazzara

One of the most anticipated editorial innovations in the coffee sector: a complete and fascinating technical-cultural journey into the world of coffee, explored from various points of view by great experts of the sector

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TRIESTE, Italy – After four editions of the Trieste Coffee Experts summit and two years of intense editorial work, CoffeExperts, the new book edited by the Bazzara Bros junior, Andrea and Marco, was released.

As competent guides throughout the pages of the book are numerous recognised experts of the sector, with contributions that follow the Waves of Coffee, reaching the new technology frontiers of Industry 4.0 and a perspective view focused on sustainability, the future of the supply chain and the planet.

The book, enriched with critical observations and 500 photos and illustrations, covers topics ranging from the history and characteristics of the plant to the careful selection and processing of the raw coffee bean; from roasting techniques to the effects of the drink on the body; from the sensory and aromatic field to the world of baristas and the equipment used; and again from the evolution of the coffee maker to the different extraction methods, including the ones alternative to espresso.

This journey has as its compass the constant and passionate search for quality in every sector

This is definitely the fil rouge that holds together this all-round choral story, whose reading is understandable and compelling even for those who approach the complex universe of coffee for the first time.

At the same time, it is stimulating for the professional who has the opportunity to deepen and brush up on old and new themes through an updated and complete overview of the various aspects of coffee.

What is the future of Specialty Coffee?

What defects can a green coffee bean have and how can they be recognized? What are the most innovative extraction methods? What impact does caffeine have on our brain? What should be expected from a good coffee menu in a coffee shop?


What are the benefits of Industry 4.0 for small and medium-sized coffee companies? What is there to know about our water resources? What are the consequences of the low price of a cup of coffee? What Wave are we surfing today?

These are just some of the questions to which you will find answers throughout the pages of CoffeExperts

Thanks to the practical organization of the contents, the book is an unmissable compendium where you will find an answer to many, if not all, questions that even the sector experts ask themselves every day in order to improve their work.

The preface of the book is written by Maurizio Cimbali, one of the most respected entrepreneurs in Italy, President of the Cimbali Group and of the Mumac Museum, appointed in 2017 as Cavaliere del Lavoro by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella.

In this volume you will meet personalities of the highest caliber

From the Italian Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies Stefano Patuanelli to the Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia in Italy Gloria Isabel Ramírez Ríos; from Giuseppe Biffi of Siemens to Michele Cannone of Lavazza, from Gianfranco Carubelli of PulyCaff to Cosimo Libardo, of the SCA Board of Directors, up to Carolina Castañeda of the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia.

As happened for the previous publications signed by the Bazzara family, translated into different languages and reprinted several times over the years, this book has instantly been a great success thanks to the authority and high reputation that the company enjoys in the sector of specialized publishing.

Before its release, almost two thousand copies have already been booked by the most important Italian and international companies in the coffee sector. Among these are some large national trade fairs, such as Sigep Fiera di Rimini, Triestespresso Expo and Mixerplanet.

The book has been received with great interest abroad, especially in the East, and specifically in some rapidly expanding coffee markets, such as China

“Being a bilingual volume of 700 pages, in Italian and English – declares Marco Bazzara, Quality Manager of the company, Director of the Bazzara Academy and editor of the volume together with his brother Andrea – the appreciation received makes us happy because the editorial project, in its various purposes, was also conceived as an ‘exportable’ tribute to the Made in Italy know-how related to one of the most popular drinks in the world from a cultural and professional point of view”.

In the Asian market, for instance, some important trade fairs such as Hotelex, the international Expo of the hotel and catering sector in Shanghai, have contributed to supporting and promoting the book; along with Cafeex Shanghai & Shenzhen, World Cafè Expo 2021, Thailand Coffee Tea & Drinks, Cafe Show Vietnam and FHA HoReCa Singapore, thus bringing together the widest range of leading global suppliers in Asia.

“It is a different and contemporary book, a book on coffee that was missing”, says Andrea Bazzara, Sales Export Manager and co-author of the volume. CoffeExperts really lends itself to multiple levels of reading and use”.

“On the one hand – he explains – CoffeExperts offers a simple and well-structured opportunity for accompanying any gastronome in the depths of an exciting sector like ours.

On the other hand, it is an easy-to-consult tool useful to all links in the supply chain, starting from baristas and coffee lovers to roasters, coffee industries, green coffee operators and the new hipster protagonists of the current evolution of the coffee world.”

The CoffeExperts volume can be purchased in the company’s eShop and on the Amazon page of Bazzara Espresso. It will also be available in selected bookstores, in the main trade fairs and in the best coffee Academies and schools throughout the country.


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