Thursday 19 May 2022

Latte Art Pro milk jugs, signed by Gianni Cocco, for a perfectly made cappuccino

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MILAN, Italy – To make a good cappuccino, you know, the milk must be well frothed, but to serve it to the customer, the drink must also look good. The Latte Art Pro milk jugs, signed by Gianni Cocco, have been designed for professionals but also to perform better in the hands of newbies.

The creator: Gianni Cocco

The creator of the two Latte Art Pro milk jugs – 350ml and 600ml – is Gianni Cocco, a trainer in the cafeteria with decades of experience in latte art. Prominent titles include: Maestro del Caffè for Aicaf (Italian Academy of Coffee Masters), Examiner Black of the Latte Art Grading System circuit, teacher of Cafeteria for the Cast Alimenti School in Brescia and, for years now, TV coffee performer for the Sempre Verde program.

The engaging enthusiasm of Gianni but above all his professionalism and passion for his work led to the collaboration with the EDO Barista brand.

“A good product can see the light in different ways – tells us Mariagrazia Ferrantelli, EDO Barista brand manager – we focus a lot on the ideas of professionals, we develop projects together and then we help them in the realization of the final product. This is possible thanks to the You’re Next! Project by Edo Barista”.

Several meetings, chats, research, tests and prototypes … Gianni Cocco’s goal has always been clear: “after years of competitions in different circuits in which a perfect latte art was required, after years of training and coffee show I found in Edo Barista the right home in which to give birth to this jewel in 304 stainless steel that would hold all the secrets and details never revealed “.

What should we expect from this new product?

“A set of milk jugs, light and easy to handle, with a super-performing spout, made manually by me over time – says Gianni Cocco.

I perceived the need, in a market that is fortunately more and more attentive, for a tool designed to make a cappuccino perfectly with the free pouring technique, keeping the technical aspect of the symmetry and contrast of the latte art figures under control, from the most simple (heart, leaf and tulip) to much more complex ones.

Gianni, why should a barista/coffee lover choose the Latte Art Pro milk jug?

“Latte Art Pro wants to be the milk jug for those who work hard to improve themselves in latte art; it is that versatile tool to create both basic and complex latte art designs with the same definition quality.

The Latte Art Pro milk jug is light, made of 7mm thick AISI304 stainless steel; it will feel like drawing on paper, thanks also to the ergonomic handle. Another very important point that makes the difference in the creation of an impeccable design is the depth, the height and the opening of the spout.

These characteristics allow the barista to always have the maximum cleanliness of the line up to the last part of the production (when the cup is almost full), a critical and demanding moment to manage with other types of milk jugs even by very experienced baristas.

Furthermore, again the shape of the spout, allows you to perfectly control the pouring when you lift the base of the espresso in the first part of the jet”.

The Latte Art Pro milk jug has been designed for all baristas who have already approached latte art, who are already familiar with the first figures, and want to perfect themselves. You can find it available in the e-commerce for coffee lovers:

“I like to compare my milk jug – says Giani Cocco – to the footballer’s shoe; I have created a tool that is as performing as possible, naturally the more trained the hand the more it will succeed in creating well-designed cappuccinos. Training, perseverance and a lot of training are needed to be flawless”.

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