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Carpigiani celebrates in Rimini 20 years of its Gelato University

Kaori Ito, director of Carpigiani Gelato University: "With more than 70,000 students having attended our courses since September 2003 and its 22 campuses in 21 countries around the world, Gelato University arrives at Sigep having crossed an important milestone and confirming its prominent international role in training new entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals. And we can't wait to meet our entire community in Rimini and celebrate these first 20 years with them"

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RIMINI – The 2023 edition of Sigep – the International Exhibition dedicated to artisanal gelato, pastry, bakery and coffee – opened in Rimini, Italy, with Carpigiani participating in a 1,000-square-meter booth dedicated to the latest technological innovations for the world of gelato and pastry.

This year’s Sigep will also mark the beginning of celebrations for Carpigiani Gelato University’s 20th anniversary. Alumni of the international gelato school will meet at Carpigiani’s booth in Hall C1 to recount their success stories.

Carpigiani at Sigep

“With more than 70,000 students having attended our courses since September 2003 and its 22 campuses in 21 countries around the world, Gelato University arrives at Sigep having crossed an important milestone and confirming its prominent international role in training new entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals”, commented Kaori Ito, director of Carpigiani Gelato University. “And we can’t wait to meet our entire community in Rimini and celebrate these first 20 years with them.”.

During the five days of the trade show more than 100 workshops and special events will be held, and visitors will see more than 100 technological solutions that they can try under the guidance of instructors from Carpigiani Gelato University.

Carpigiani is one of the driving forces behind Sigep 2023 with more than 300 machines available to gelato makers, chefs and pastry chefs.

Carpigiani is sponsor of the following events:

  • Gelato Europe Cup 2022 as official supplier of gelato machines (Maestro HE**);
  • World Junior Pastry World Cup and Pastry Queen as official supplier of the gelato machines (Maestro **HE);
  • Gelato Festival World Masters – German Challenge (Maestro **HE);
  • SIGA – Italian Gelato Makers Association – International Competitions;
    Carpigiani is also sponsor of AMPI – Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani (Italian Pastry Masters Academy).Focus on energy efficiency for technology dedicated to artisanal gelato
    The central area dedicated to artisanal gelato features new business concepts and the best technology with a focus on energy efficiency and the performance of the pasteurization and freezing cycle with extensive savings in energy and resource consumption.

One of the centerpieces of the space will be the HE – High Efficiency Line, which includes pasteurizers and freezers equipped with Adaptive technology able to manage the mixes of gelato artisans and pastry chefs and choose what’s best for each recipe.


The batch freezers of the HE line offer savings in electricity and water consumption equal to 30% compared to the same volume produced with the technology of the RTX line and earlier machines.

Pasteurizers focus on saving water

The batch freezers make use of the latest evolution of Carpigiani’s renowned consistency control system which makes it possible to freeze gelato recipes with an average reduction of 40% of the total solids, including recipes without added sugars. The pasteurizers are equipped with an exchange pump cup, a technology patented by Carpigiani that allows superior micronization of the mixture with a reduction in the size of the fat globules and levels of health safety that are at the top of the market.

The technological innovation of Carpigiani batch freezers also amazes with the “Crystal” program, perfect for making cakes and gelato in a jar thanks to the higher air content and the special consistency optimal for portioning. The program is available on the countertop and floor-standing batch freezers of the HE, Ready and Labo XPL P lines.

The collection Premium Soft Serve and Shake machines

Carpigiani presents the new collection of Premium Soft Serve and Shake machines for 2023. There are six delicious creations inspired by as many cities: Rome, Dubai, London, Tokyo, Beijing, and New York. A world tour of taste trends. The “Soft Serve & Shake Consulting” service is able to assist customers not only by offering the best and most suitable technological solutions, but also by complementing this expertise with a study on how to combine technology and taste, develop an effective food design concept, and efficiently implement it in each store.

Another new development is the Soft Serve Experience, a sensory analysis lab to discover how the right mix of technology and ingredients can create different and surprising taste experiences. The lab is only available with a reservation.

In this area it will be possible to see the machines of the T-Line range, designed to always be efficient, even in small spaces, side by side with other equipment: 161 T G SP and 243 T SP. The characteristics shared by the two machines are superior performance even during rush hours, self-pasteurization that allows preserving milk-based mixes, and ease of installation in small spaces thanks to a compact size and rear vent that allows them to be placed side by side with other machines.

The machines of the T-Line range

The 161 T G SP is a one-flavor machine with a compact size and elegant design. It has a five-liter tank and gravity dispensing. Milk-based mixes can be stored safely thanks to the self-pasteurization function: when the bar is closed the machine goes into storage mode, guaranteeing hygienic safety for up to 42 days, and halts if the scheduled cleaning is not performed.

The 243 T SP is a two-flavor machine plus mix and has two independent 5- or 8-liter tanks. It can be equipped with pump or gravity dispensing systems depending on the customer’s needs. This way it can easily manage mixes of different viscosity and give life to new creative combinations.

The booth also features an extensive shake space with the three machines that complete the line: the countertop 191 K SP, the floor-standing K Shake SP, and the new 161 K SP. The latter has an ergonomic, elegant design that, thanks to its compact size, fits perfectly on the counter next to other equipment.

The dispenser is gravity fed and the tank has a total capacity of 18 liters. It’s perfect for those who have little space and a low demand and are looking for a solution that’s quick to install and easy to clean. All three shake machines are equipped with the H-O-T system that allows you to set the desired consistency for creamier or thicker shakes.

The UF 920 and Synthesis 2

Another machine on display in the soft serve area is the UF 920, a floor-standing machine with two flavors plus mix designed for those who manage high production volumes with intense flows and requests for extra large portions. Thanks to the two single doors, production flow can continue virtually non-stop: one of the two sides can be engaged in pasteurization while the other continues to dispense product.

Synthesis 2, the modular system for adding fresh gelato to any food retail concept
A large area of the booth in Hall C1 will be dedicated to Synthesis 2, the new modular system for producing, storing, and serving gelato in a single solution directly in front of customers and without interrupting the cold chain.

synthesis 2
Synthesis 2 (image provided)

The base module consists of an elegant station complete with two independent cylinders that can pasteurize and freeze a mix and statically store the gelato produced. Moreover, it is possible to program the optimal storage temperature for each cylinder. Thanks to the LCD display with pre-installed programs and patented Hard-O-Tronic consistency control, you can constantly monitor the values of the programmed consistency and the gelato being frozen.

It is always possible to make changes using the display controls to produce a perfect gelato according to the requirements of the recipe.

Synthesis 2 can be easily integrated into any environment without costly renovations or the need for a large production space: installation is facilitated by the wheels that allow the machine to be moved easily and by the single-phase electrical connection. Moreover, it is possible to combine multiple two-cylinder base modules to create an ice cream parlor that meets the needs of the entrepreneur.

Carpigiani for the world of pastry and restaurants

A large part of Carpigiani’s booth at Sigep 2023 is dedicated to solutions for chefs and pastry chefs, with a focus on technologies for cold pastry and gelato in restaurants. Two topical areas are joined by a kitchen/workspace where guests from this year’s scheduled special events will alternate. For pastry the focus is on Pastochef RTL-I, the latest generation of one of Carpigiani’s most popular pastry technologies, the Pastochef RTL.

The presence of an inverter allows varying processing speeds to improve mixes’ textures and structures. The machine has 18 different pastry programs, 9 chocolate programs, 8 special programs for desserts, 7 savory programs and 4 gelato programs to pasteurize the mixes and age them. It will be available in three sizes: Pastochef 18 RTL-I, Pastochef 32 RTL-I and Pastochef 55 RTL-I, each having a different production capacity.

The entire Pastochef RTL range, with and without inverter, is designed to automate all recipes that require time and manual effort. Heating and cooling are carried out in a “dry bain-marie,” thus avoiding potential incrustations on the cylinder’s surface and guaranteeing heat exchange, performance, and energy consumption. The display guides the operator, showing the production phases, temperatures, and suggestions for adding ingredients.

Visitors to the pastry area will also see the new Lab-O-Chef 5 multifunction machine in operation.

This innovative countertop machine was designed to be the perfect companion for pastry chefs and chefs who can use it to produce creams, jams, ganache, bechamel, and other hot and cold specialties with consistent results over time. Its use is facilitated by a control panel with touchscreen technology allowing access to 66 preset programs and the creation of new custom programs, not to mention monitoring all stages of production.

A world of recipes at your fingertips

In fact the machine comes pre-loaded with 23 pastry programs, 10 for chocolate, and 19 for savory foods and specialties. Moreover, thanks to a special kit, the machine turns into a countertop batch freezer for artisanal gelato with 15 pre-installed programs, allowing chefs and pastry chefs to expand their menu by adding delicious sub-zero creations.

On display as if they were works of art are the freezers and multifunction machines that are part of the range dedicated to food service: the Labo XPL P countertop models in the 6/9, 8/12, and 14/20 versions, distinguished by their production volumes and size of the freezing cylinder, and the Ready countertop models – also in versions 6/9, 8/12, and 14/20 – which condense all the steps of traditional gelato production into a compact machine.

Perfect for high pastry and haute cuisine, the compact ReadyChef countertop machine is designed for professional pastry shops and restaurants, and in 58 cm incorporates all the technology needed to add gelato to the menu and act as a personalized assistant for many pastry and chocolate specialties.

It has 34 different programs ranging from the production of creams to the tempering of chocolate, the preparation of gelato, slushes and cremolatas. Six cycles are dedicated to the production of sauces and toppings.

Cleaning is made easier by a special program that saves a lot of time in the kitchen and production space.

For those who want to amaze customers with the magic of cold desserts, Ideauno is the machine that creates a portion made to order in just a few minutes. Choose the mix, insert it into the cylinder and select the appropriate program and you’re done.

Don’t miss the area dedicated to Carpigiani Services which focuses on customer care and after-sales service that will illustrate cutting-edge solutions to ensure the perfect operation of Carpigiani machines throughout their entire life cycle.


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