Monday 22 July 2024
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Angela Hysi


De ‘Longhi reports 9M revenues of €2,149.5m driven by sales of fully-automatic coffee machines

TREVISO - De’ Longhi S.p.A. Results of the 9 months 2021: a trend still in strong growth; the targets for the year are confirmed....

Even Starbucks plays role as coffee joins the ‘slow food’ movement

by ANNE MARIE CHAKER* How long will you wait for the perfect cup of coffee? Once about speed—sloshed into a paper cup and gulped on the...

The Largest Coffee Company in the World was Built One Cup at a Time

If you live in the city, throw a stone and you’ll find a cafe — the kind that serves coffee that’s been pulled through...

You Can Now Eat Your Coffee in Chocolate-Bar Form

BY STEPHANIE SALTZMAN* Don't get me wrong: I love a good cup of coffee, and the utterly luxurious feeling that goes along with savoring it,...

How Starbucks created The Roastery

by George Anders* Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz has a deep interest in social issues, as this new Forbes cover story attests. But he’s just...

Caffe Bene wins 16.5 billion won foreign investment

by Jung Min-hee* SEOUL, KOREA - Bene, the Korean-based coffee chain, announced that it has won a 16.5 billion won (US$13.67 mil) of foreign investment on...

Does coffee go bad? Here’s how to know

by REBECCA DECZYNSKI* If there's anything to learn from the poetry of Robert Frost, it's that nothing gold can stay. So, once you apply that...

Krispy Kreme Now Has ‘Baristas’ Handcrafting Coffee

By Clint Rainey* Health-conscious times call for desperate measures in the doughnut biz, and Krispy Kreme's new trick involves a loose interpretation of the word...

Coffee Report 7 August 2015

Coffee Report 7 August 2015

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