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Yoreh expands artistic vision to the world of coffee

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NEW YORK, New York, USA – Yoreh, a Bali-based jewelry brand founded by Matt Jacob, has launched a specialty coffee line called Yoreh Coffee. This venture claims to bring the brand’s distinctive “art of intent” concept to the realm of specialty coffee.

“Art of intent” is Matt’s idea of transforming simple concepts into artistic, stylish, and high-quality experiences. Yoreh Coffee is an extension of this ethos.

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The brand seeks to bring art, intentionality, and craftsmanship to specialty coffee, aiming to develop complex and interesting blends using quality beans produced in the volcanic Bandung region.

The brand also sets SCA standards as the benchmark of its quality and strives toward responsible and sustainable sourcing.


It works closely with local farmers and has established a direct trade partnership with a coffee plantation located in the foothills of Mt. Puntang.

This ensures that the farmers receive fair compensation for their labor and also maintains the quality of the beans produced.

Matt, an SCA coffee specialist and the creative mind behind the new specialty coffee line, expressed his vision for the new venture, stating, “Our coffee is simple in its source and concept, but complex and premium at every stage of its journey.

Just like our jewelry, Yoreh Coffee aims to elevate the everyday, turning a common ritual into an extraordinary experience.”

Yoreh Coffee is now open for coffee enthusiasts, inviting them to try its special blend of simplicity and complexity.

About Yoreh

Founded by Matt Jacob, Yoreh is a Bali-based jewelry brand that combines artistic expression with the highest standards of craftsmanship.

With a commitment to Matt’s “art of intent” concept, the brand seeks to elevate everyday experiences through its unique and stylish creations. The launch of Yoreh Coffee represents an expansion of the brand’s vision, bringing the same level of artistry and quality to the world of specialty coffee.

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