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Tailor your coffee: Meet, Learn and Grow at Dubai Coffee Museum

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Victoria Arduino, in collaboration with Coffee Planet, Brewing Gadget, Dubai Coffee Museum and Nordic Approach, organise on February 27th, 2017, at 6 p.m. at the Dubai Coffee Museum an afternoon meeting to get to know and taste different varieties and types of coffee and see how gravimetric technology can improve coffee shops business.

Victoria Arduino has dedicated years of research for providing technologies which enable baristas to accurately control and tailor the espresso extraction in order to bring out all the aroma of each coffee variety.

Mr. Morten Wennersgaard, from coffee importers Nordic Approach – Oslo, specialized in quality, traceable green coffee with different tasting profiles, will present a special case about washed and natural microlots in South and Central America.

El Salvador, Colombia and Brazil, all countries from the same continent which produce very different coffees. Mr. Morten Wennersgaard will help us to discover how these coffees develop their profile differences and will share his personal experience and knowledge about coffee microlots.

Moreover, our guests will have the chance to enjoy a Brazilian and Gravimetric cupping of several natural and washed coffees from El Salvador, Colombia and Brazil selected by Nordic Approach.

Why Gravimetric cupping? In order to understand how taste profile is effected by weight of coffee in the cup and the importance of controlling it to provide the most consistent aroma.


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