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Rancilio Group implements Cortana on its Egro ONE espresso machine

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MILAN – During the inauguration of the Microsoft Italia headquarters in Milan, an authentic high-tech showcase of excellence, the US colossus gave a first-ever preview of the implementation of Cortana software on the fully automatic Egro ONE machine from Rancilio.

Microsoft’s virtual personal assistant is able to recognize the faces of habitual users and ask them whether they prefer to take their favourite coffee or another beverage chosen from the 48 available options distributed by Egro ONE.

Conversely, when faced with a new or unknown user, Cortana asks what type of coffee he or she prefers and then proceeds to brew it.

Cortana and Egro ONE are positioned on the first floor occupied by the Technology Center, the space for businesses where, thanks to the solutions offered by Microsoft and its partners, it is possible to find new ideas for effecting authentic digital transformations.

The experiences available on the premises of Microsoft House show that any object we are accustomed to using can become smart, that is to say, capable of recognizing its users and their habits, and of suggesting solutions or elaborating new services.

“What better example of how artificial intelligence can come to our aid, even in the ambit of coffee machines, especially in those locations where self-service is required, enabling visitors to enjoy an experience that goes one step further than that of an excellent coffee” explained at the event Giorgio Rancilio that on January re-joined Rancilio Group as President and Chief Executive Officer.


For its cafeteria situated on the ground floor inside the corporate showroom, Microsoft has chosen Classe 11, the flagship product of the Rancilio range of traditional coffee machines. A product created with one sole objective: that of writing a new chapter in the story of quality espresso coffee supported by a technology that is user-friendly, fast and intuitive, inspired by latest generation Smartphones.

In the picture (from left to right): Andrea Padovan – Chief Executive Officer – Ilevia srl; Mario Burattino – Chief Financial Officer Rancilio Group; Roberto Filipelli -Sales and Business Development Director, Head of IoT Strategy – ‎Microsoft Dx Division – Business Application and Cloud; Giorgio Rancilio – President & CEO Rancilio Group. Andrea Cardillo – Italy MTC Director


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