Thursday 09 February 2023
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Ziferblat opens huge new ‘pay-as-you-go’ cafe on MediaCityUK, Salford

MANCHESTER, UK – Pay-as-you-go cafe Ziferblat has opened a new site at MediaCityUK on Salford Quays, Manchester - complete with sheds you can book out for meetings. The cafe - which has a branch in Manchester’s Northern Quarter - has taken the ground and mezzanine floors of the Tomorrow building - charging eight pence per minute ...

Ziferblat, the pay-per-minute café

The idea is that it’s a communal space where you pay not for what you consume, but how long you spend there. When you...

SOUTH KOREA – Ziferblat concept appeals to small-coffee shop owners

SEOUL – The Ziferblat concept, or “pay-per-minute” cafe  may be the answer to Korean small coffee house owners who worry over customers overstaying, including...

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