Sunday 25 February 2024
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California farmers are trading avocados for specialty coffee beans

GOLETA, Calif., U.S. – Things aren't so easy for avocado growers in California these days. There's more competition from Mexico and less water. And the old trees just don't bear fruit like they used to. But the New York Times reports that's giving rise to a surprising new California crop: coffee.

Myanmar to export 18 tonnes of coffee beans to the United States in 2017

WASHINGTON DC, U.S. – Myanmar will export 18 tonnes of coffee seed to the US this fiscal year. The price of Myanmar coffee seed has recently increased in Europe and US markets. The demand for Myanmar coffee seed has been on the rise this year compared with the same period last year, according to Myanmar Coffee Association.

Costa Rica’s Tarrazú region produces one the finest coffees in the world

ZONA DE LOS SANTOS, Costa Rica — High in the mountains of south central Costa Rica is the Zona de los Santos, an agricultural area with unique qualities and whose inhabitants have perfected the art of growing and processing one of the best coffees in the world. A series of natural factors have enriched the region’s mountainous land ...

Panama’s famous specialty coffee making its way to the Australian market

BOQUETE, Panama – Somewhere around 1,200 metres above sea level near the misty, green highland town of Boquete in the north of Panama, Landreth Laws leads tourists on a guided walk through coffee plantations. "Our coffee develops good flavours because it grows in the highlands," he said.

JURA WE8 brings professional quality barista-style coffee to the workplace

MONTVALE, N.J., U.S. -- Coffee is one workplace ritual that most people enjoy – even more so when coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato and flat white are on demand­. Superlative coffee specialties can create an atmosphere that is more relaxed, communicative and productive.

Crimson Cup celebrates 26 years of coffee and community on May 1

COLUMBUS, Ohio – To celebrate its 26th anniversary, on May 1 Columbus coffee roaster Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea will offer craft Nitro cold brews for $1 at its coffeehouses in Clintonville and Upper Arlington. The company also has released a new video that highlights its commitment to creating sustainable relationships with coffee farmers ...

U.S. specialty roasters commit to increase coffee imports from Kenya

SEATTLE, U.S. – American roasters are expected to raise coffee purchases from Kenya by a quarter after the country showcased its produce in the ongoing symposium in Seattle, US. Coffee Directorate made a pitch for Kenya’s specialty coffee during the exhibition to have the US, which pays a premium price for the commodity ...

Quindío coffee lot receives top price at International auction in Colombia

ARMENIA, Quindío, Colombia – At the international auction of the National Quality Competition “Colombia, Land of Diversity”, Mr. Chen Zhenhua, from Shangai, purchased Eduardo Villota's coffee at a top price of US$ 31 per pound. Mr. Villota's coffee was grown at Hacienda San Alberto, located in ...

New café opening in actual shipping container in Dublin’s city centre

DUBLIN, Repblic of Ireland – Dublin is home to an abundance of cafes - big, small, traditional and unique - but this one is sailing in a completely new direction. It's getting hard to stand out in such a congested market - but Container Coffee looks set to make splash by serving straight out of a recycled freight container at 161 Thomas Street.

Glasgow Coffee Festival expanded to two days due to massive demand

GLASGOW, UK – Fans of coffee, brace yourselves, because the Glasgow Coffee Festival has been expanded to two days due to massive demand. Created to celebrate a vibrant and growing specialty coffee culture in Scotland, the festival will feature a variety of coffee exhibitors, cafes, roasters, masterclasses, and workshops.

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