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Quindío coffee lot receives top price at International auction in Colombia

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ARMENIA, Quindío, Colombia – At the international auction of the National Quality Competition “Colombia, Land of Diversity”, Mr. Chen Zhenhua, from Shangai, purchased Eduardo Villota’s coffee at a top price of US$ 31 per pound.

Mr. Villota’s coffee was grown at Hacienda San Alberto, located in the municipality of Buenavista, in the department of Quindío.

The auction’s base prices were US$ 5 per pound and US$ 2 per pound in the Small Lots and Large Lots categories, respectively. Domestic and international buyers purchased the 27 auctioned lots at prices ranging between US$ 5 and US$ 31.

As noted by Mr. Chen Zhenhua when referring to the coffee from Hacienda San Alberto, “It’s an exotic variety. Its flavor and cup profile are captivating. I’ve purchased Colombian coffee in the past, but this is the first time I participate in a live purchase.”

Hacienda San Alberto is a family business that has practiced generational knowledge exchange through three generations in a span of over 40 years.

Today, the second generation (Eduardo Villota’s) is responsible for the coffee plantations and the third generation (Eduardo Villota’s children) is responsible for strengthening the business through quality and innovation.

Café San Alberto has received multiple international awards since 2011.

Lots from Cauca, Cundinamarca & Casanare get second and third highest prices

The auction’s second and third best prices were received by Faider Samuel Quintero, from the department of Cauca (US$ 16.5 per pound) and by coffees from Cundinamarca and Casanare (US$ 14.5 per pound).

Domestic and international buyers rewarded the effort and dedication of coffee growers in producing coffee of the highest quality. This effort will now translate into higher income for their households.

Since its launch six months ago, the National Quality Competition “Colombia, Land of Diversity” has contributed to positioning the diversity of Colombian coffees before buyers who are eager to offer highly differentiated origins and exceptional quality to their customers and consumers.

Both the National Quality Competition and its auction are organized by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) as part of its strategy to promote differentiated coffees and improve income of producers.

SourceFNC Press

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