Saturday 21 May 2022
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South East Asia

State of the art coffee harvesting machine now available across South East Asia

MILAN – South East Asian coffee growers will soon have access to a new, world-leading coffee harvesting machine thanks to the launch of the...

Whitebread’s new strategies will not impact Costa Coffee

In line with the Group strategy set out in April, Whitbread has announced on Wednesday plans to focus on its strengths, concentrating the Premier...

South East Asian coffee shop market to grow by 14% in 2015, says report

The South East Asian branded coffee shop market (across nine countries) shows solid growth, with the total number of outlets estimated at over 14,300...

GLOBAL NEWS – Costa plans to enter the Philippines market

Costa Coffee has recently announced their plans to enter the Philippines, in partnership with Robinsons Retail Holdings. Costa operates across 30 countries and has more...

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