Sunday 27 November 2022
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Puro Fairtrade Coffee

New orchid species found in Ecuador named after Miko’s subsidiary MAAS

TURNHOUT, Belgium – Puro, Miko ’s Fairtrade coffee brand, is produced with respect for people and the environment. Thanks to its unique collaboration with...

Andy Orchard brings home a P.E.A Achievement Award for Puro Fairtrade Coffee

MILAN – The P.E.A Awards is the UK’s leading sustainability awards show, celebrating the green trailblazers and changemakers behind the products, services and businesses...

Sciadophyllum Purocafeanum: A new species found in Ecuador named in honour of Puro Coffee

MILAN – Whilst we clamber for world change on the brink of a sixth mass extinction, new stories of new discoveries emerge to give...

Puro Fairtrade Coffee releases film about Colombian rainforest reserves

World Land Trust (WLT) corporate supporter Puro Fairtrade Coffee has released the second in a series of films about WLT project areas in South...

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