Thursday 25 July 2024
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Sciadophyllum Purocafeanum: A new species found in Ecuador named in honour of Puro Coffee

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MILAN – Whilst we clamber for world change on the brink of a sixth mass extinction, new stories of new discoveries emerge to give hope, further informing conscious consumer choices and corporate conduct. New species found within the cloud forests of Ecuador have finally been peer reviewed and published and amongst those new to the records comes Sciadophyllum Purocafeanum, the third species now named in honour of Puro Fairtrade Coffee.

What sets Sciadophyllum Purocafeanum apart from the rest of its family is the coffee-coloured covering on its young inflorescences and leaves. It grows up to 8 metres tall, only 2 so far have been spotted around Puro’s protected reserves in Ecuador, however it is related to the Umbrella tree (Schefflera), a common houseplant frequently sighted in homes across Europe.

Sciadophyllum Purocafeanum (Puro Tree) now joins Pristimantis puruscafeum (Puro Frog) and Teagueia Puroana (Puro Orchid) in becoming the most treasured of awards received by Puro to date.

Habitat of more than 500 species at risk of extinction is now under Puro’s protection. Alongside World Land Trust and partner NGO’s, Puro has added a further 3 reserves in Africa in 2021, offering safe space to the Big 5; Lions, Leopards, Elephants, African buffalo, and Rhinoceroses. And with this, Puro’s reserves now total an impressive 433km2, supporting the growth of an estimated 27.5 million trees and locking away 41.5 million tonnes of carbon across 11 coffee producing countries.

Andy Orchard from Puro shares “We hit a major milestone in June of this year, with our Chimp Corridor in Uganda becoming our 18th Rainforest Reserve, marking reserves in every country from which Puro’s coffee is sourced. It’s been a wonderful journey, giving back to the lands that have given us so much. The future looks bright, the journey certainly continues, new origins and blends and in perfect alignment, new reserves and species.”

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