Friday 30 September 2022

Andy Orchard brings home a P.E.A Achievement Award for Puro Fairtrade Coffee

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MILAN – The P.E.A Awards is the UK’s leading sustainability awards show, celebrating the green trailblazers and changemakers behind the products, services and businesses that are changing the face of our planet.

Andy Orchard, an international marketing consultant for Puro, shared with the judges how Puro’s rainforest reserves now span more than 430km2 (surpassing the combined size of the UK’s 100 largest natural parks), preserving pockets of nature within all countries from which Puro coffee is sourced.

How Puro’s commitment to conservation has earned them 3 species previously unknown to science to be named in their honour.

And finally how Puro’s path will continue evolving, aligning organic growth with nature’s lessons of interconnectedness and natural balance, helping to pave the way for better business and companies with cause.

On the awards night, presenters acknowledged Puro as “Organic coffee done the right way, protecting the rainforest with every kilo sold.”

This P.E.A Award will join the many others given to Puro in recognition of their coffee roasting and allegiance to the natural world.

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