Saturday 04 February 2023
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Coffee and Talks, Dalla Corte organises Workshop and Tour in Hamburg

HAMBURG, Germany – On Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 July, the headquarters of Dalla Corte Deutschland in Hamburg will play host to the latest of the Coffee and Talks events for lovers of coffee and the Dalla Corte world. A day dedicated to coffee theory and practice will be followed by a tour of some of the most interesting cafés ...

A capacity crowd for the Dalla Corte’s Coffee and Talks event in Milan

MILAN, Italy – Coffee and Talks is a touring event created by Dalla Corte for people who love coffee and want to learn more and more about it. On 22 June, it stopped at Spazio Candiani in Milan. A crowd of trainers, baristas, roasters and coffee lovers gathered for a day of learning and debate, with workshops and detailed discussions.

MinaSmartBar: much better than a multi-group espresso machine

MILAN, Italy – Mina, the Dalla Corte professional single-group espresso machine, enables a new and efficient use of the bar counter space offering tailor-made espressos for every coffee. Mina is the right mix of technology and aesthetics which enhances the coffee shop and results in a unique experience for customers.

Dalla Corte warms up its engines as an official Porsche Motorsport supplier

MILAN, Italy – An exciting season has officially begun in which Dalla Corte professional espresso machine Mina will accompany the Porsche Motorsport LMP Team as an official supplier for the 2017 World Endurance Racing season. It is a partnership that puts the brand of one of the most qualified espresso machine Italian producers ...

Dalla Corte Partners Meeting: Focus on the new products for for 2017/18

MILAN, Italy – What’s next is the event organized by Dalla Corte, which gathered all the European partners in Milan (Italy) on 13-14 March and all the Asia-Pacific distributors in Seoul (South Korea) on 11-12 April to give a preview of the news for 2017/2018. Paolo Dalla Corte presented a young and dynamic team, with new staff members ...

Mina’s new technology regulates water flow to to obtain different aromas

MILAN – Dalla Corte asked to Coffee Pro Danilo Lodi, World Coffee Events international judge, to show us how to take advantage of Mina’s espresso machine technology to obtain different aromatic flavors while using always the same high-quality coffee. The coffee variety used is Yellow Obatã, from Cristais Paulista in Sao Paulo State (Brazil) and ...

Dalla Corte: The best technology for each barista’s unique style

MILAN, Italy – Dalla Corte is welcoming all baristas and coffee professionals at Riminifiera from 23 to 27 January (pavilion A1 - booth 052)...

Dalla Corte technology meets every barista’s style

Mina, the new one-group espresso machine by Dalla Corte, features a pleasant linear design, as well as several structure innovations, among which the new...

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