Friday 09 December 2022

A capacity crowd for the Dalla Corte’s Coffee and Talks event in Milan

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MILAN, Italy – Coffee and Talks is a touring event created by Dalla Corte for people who love coffee and want to learn more and more about it. On 22 June, it stopped at Spazio Candiani in Milan.

A crowd of trainers, baristas, roasters and coffee lovers gathered for a day of learning and debate, with workshops and detailed discussions.

The core theme was “There’s no such thing as the perfect coffee”. It was covered in workshops and practical sessions, starting with a talk on water by Sergio Barbarisi, the general manager of BWT Water+More Italy, which was followed by three tastings of espresso made with different types of water.

Paolo Dalla Corte

Next, Paolo Dalla Corte talked about the crucial role played by the coffee grinder in optimum extraction.

The participants then tasted espresso that was made using the same coffee but three different machines, thus underlining the importance of getting the beans to the “right size” in order to make a “good cup”.

The subsequent discussion covered topics ranging from the right size for the extraction chamber to studies on the choice of filter. It was noted that 54 mm is the size that gives the best extraction results with both single and double filters.

In the afternoon, the spotlight was on the Mina espresso machine. The DC coffee pro Gordon Howell described the essential role of pre-infusion and how the exclusive Digital Flow Regulation (DFR) technology electronically manages the flow of water, for the best possible control of the process.

Gordon Howell

The participants tasted three coffees made with different extraction methods, which underlined the effectiveness and enormous potential of the new way of customizing the extraction of the very finest coffees.

Coffee & Talks events provide participants with an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas as they contemplate and take a detailed look at the future of the world of coffee and cafés.

There was also a presentation of the modular Mina SmartBar system, which makes a great addition to innovative coffee shops.

The machines can be arranged as you like. For example, you may choose to create a number of coffee corners, achieving a level of flexibility which a single traditional machine with a number of units could never match.

The next Coffee and Talks event is in Hamburg (Germany) on 11 and 12 July.

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