Friday 27 January 2023

Coffee and Talks, Dalla Corte organises Workshop and Tour in Hamburg

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HAMBURG, Germany – On Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 July, the headquarters of Dalla Corte Deutschland in Hamburg will play host to the latest of the Coffee and Talks events for lovers of coffee and the Dalla Corte world.

A day dedicated to coffee theory and practice will be followed by a tour of some of the most interesting cafés in a city that is renowned for its coffee culture.

Leading figures from the barista scene will conduct workshops and in-depth discussions. The event will be opened by Söntke Visser, the CEO of the German branch.

The young, dynamic Italian team will then present the numerous activities that are in the pipeline for 2017 and offer a preview of the plans for the year ahead, which involve interesting products such as the DC Pro Rebel selection, real works of art produced by hand by the designer Massimo Dibitonto.

The star of the day will be the Mina espresso machine featuring exclusive Digital Flow Regulation (DFR) technology, which manages the flow of water electronically and allows the most suitable extraction curve to be set for each coffee.

There will then be a look at the dedicated app.

It can be used to control one or more machines as part of an innovative coffee shop management concept revolving around the Mina SmartBar modular system.

In the afternoon, the Coffee Pros Gordon Howell and Jim Olejnik will explain the difference between pressure and flow, as well as the importance of the latter in espresso extraction.

Theoretical discussions will be alternated with practice and tastings of the same coffee after it has been extracted with different flow profiles, as well as of single-origin coffees and blends brought by the participants.

Coffee Tour

On 12 July, there will be a tour of some of the finest coffee shops in the city. It promises to be a valuable experience, given Hamburg’s rich coffee history: its first coffee shop opened in 1677 and trading began in its coffee exchange in 1887.

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