Thursday 23 May 2024
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Jeffrey Sachs

A round table on the future of coffee production at Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award 2023

NEW YORK, USA – The situations of coffee producing countries around the world vary, but two common factors loom over the future of coffee...

Professor Jeffrey Sachs hosts webinar on sustainability, here is the link

MILAN – CCSI and advisory board chair Professor Jeffrey Sachs were commissioned by the World Coffee Producers Forum to assess—and to provide proposals for...

“Adding 5 cents to a cup of coffee wouldn’t really help the producers”

MILAN – Regarding yesterday’s article “Fair trade is not doing enough for coffee – senior UN advisor Jeffrey Sachs”, we have received the following...

Fair trade is not doing enough for coffee – senior UN advisor Jeffrey Sachs

MEDELLIN, Colombia – A small extra 5¢ in the final price of a cup of coffee, but directly paid to producers, would significantly improve their income, said world-renowned sustainable development expert Jeffrey Sachs at the 1st World Coffee Producers Forum. “We need to revisit mechanisms for making consumers pay ...

Jeffrey Sachs to be keynote speaker of the World Coffee Producers Forum

BOGOTA, Colombia – The world-renowned professor, economist, sustainable development leader and bestselling author Jeffrey D. Sachs will be the keynote speaker of the 1st...

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