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Jeffrey Sachs to be keynote speaker of the World Coffee Producers Forum

In the face of challenges such as climate change, an increased demand and economic sustainability of farmers, and bringing together coffee producers from over 40 countries and key actors of the coffee industry, the Forum will discuss how to make the coffee value chain more productive and sustainable.

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BOGOTA, Colombia – The world-renowned professor, economist, sustainable development leader and bestselling author Jeffrey D. Sachs will be the keynote speaker of the 1st World Coffee Producers Forum, to be held in Colombia.

From next July 10 to 12 in the city of Medellin, the Forum will bring together producers from 40 coffee-producing countries and key actors of the global coffee industry to reflect on and address the main challenges of sustainability of the entire coffee value chain, from seed to cup.

As Special Advisor to the United Nations, Sachs has played a key role on the Millennium Development Goals and then the Sustainable Development Goals.

His work to alleviate poverty, promote economic growth, fight hunger and disease, and promote sustainable environmental practices has taken him to over 125 countries.

For over 30 years, Professor Sachs has advised dozens of heads of state and governments in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The World Coffee Producers Forum will address the main challenges of the global coffee industry. Economic sustainability of coffee producers, rural development, climate change adaptation, generational change and co-responsibility in the value chain will be some of the issues analyzed and discussed.


The Forum aims to produce a shared diagnosis of the main challenges faced by the coffee value chain in terms of sustainability (from producers to consumers). The diagnosis will be constructed with the help of all the attending representatives of the different links of the chain.

Considered one of the world’s most influential economists and leaders by magazines such as Time and The Economist, Professor Sachs has received multiple recognitions, awards and honors.

Some of these include the 2015 Blue Planet Prize and membership in the United States Institute of Medicine, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the Harvard Society of Fellows.

Professor Sachs is also a frequent contributor to major publications such as the Financial Times of London, the International Herald Tribune, Scientific American and Time magazine.

He served as Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University from 2002 to 2016; that year he was appointed University Professor at Columbia University, where he also serves as Quetelet Professor of Sustainable Development (since 2002), and Professor of Health Policy and Management.

He is currently the Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University and Director of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

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