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Professor Jeffrey Sachs hosts webinar on sustainability, here is the link

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MILAN – CCSI and advisory board chair Professor Jeffrey Sachs were commissioned by the World Coffee Producers Forum to assess—and to provide proposals for addressing— sustainability within the coffee sector, particularly from the perspective of producers’ economic sustainability.

The report, “Ensuring Economic Viability and Sustainability of Coffee Production”, presents the results of our research, including our analytical and empirical modeling, and provides several recommendations.

These recommendations include: developing country-specific National Coffee Sustainability Plans, establishing a Global Coffee Fund to finance sustainability investments and leverage additional public funding, and exploring additional ways to increase producer profits that take advantage of current market dynamics and new opportunities offered by e-commerce.

The report is available at this link (155 pages, including appendices)

Download the summary (7 pages)

CCSI hosted a webinar with Professor Jeffrey Sachs and some co-authors of the report on October 21, 2019. The recording is available here and below. Additional answers to questions asked but not answered during the webinar are available here.

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