Tuesday 30 May 2023
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Coffee Events

Rancilio Specialty RS1 to take part into three coffee events over the next weekend

MILAN – This weekend Rancilio Specialty RS1 will be participating in three coffee events all around the world, going from Norway to Brazil to...

Taiwan has become a relevant player in the specialty coffee industry

MILAN – With an estimated value of $23 billion, Taiwan has become a relevant player in the specialty coffee industry. Over the course of...

On the occasion of MilanoCaffè, Host unveils record figures of its next edition

MILAN — The coffee scene is changing. Consumers are increasingly attracted by words such as ‘brewing’, ‘blend’, ‘specialty’ and ‘mono-origin’, and the coffee industry...

Löfbergs will be the official partner of two prestigious coffee events

The Swedish coffee roaster Löfbergs will be the official coffee partner for two of the most prestigious coffee events in Europe. The agreement extends over...

The future of the coffee industry at the 11th HORECA!

ATHENS, Greece - This year, in order to meet the growing needs of the coffee market, HORECA enriches its program of COFFEE EVENTS with presentations and discussions on the management, staffing and organization of coffee shops.

Italian Barista Championships and other events at Sigep

RIMINI, Italy - The aroma of coffee will pervade the 37th SIGEP, at Rimini Fiera from January 23rd to 27th 2016. For five days,...

UK – London Coffee Festival to play host to all SCAE UK Coffee Events

LONDON – The London Coffee Festival – UK's largest coffee and artisan food event – returns as the Flagship Event for National Coffee Week...

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