Saturday 24 February 2024
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Apex Brazil

Bsca has unveiled the 35 best coffees of the competition Cup of Excellence, Brazil 2020

MILAN – The Cup of Excellence - Brazil 2020 already knows its 35 finalists, who qualified for the final stage of the contest and...

Brazil showcases its specialty coffees at 2019 Summer Fancy Food Show

NEW YORK, U.S. – While 83 percent of Americans enjoy at least one cup of coffee every day, nearly 80 percent do not know...

Brazil launches action to lower tariffs on instant coffee

UNA, Bahia, Brazil - Actions to reduce tariff barriers imposed by several countries to soluble coffee from Brazil will be carried out with an...

Brazilian specialty coffees highlighted in the 2015 SCAE World of Coffee event

Through a sectorial project action developed by Apex – Brazil and BSCA - Brazil Specialty Coffee Association, the country promoted its special coffees at...

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