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Bsca has unveiled the 35 best coffees of the competition Cup of Excellence, Brazil 2020

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MILAN – The Cup of Excellence – Brazil 2020 already knows its 35 finalists, who qualified for the final stage of the contest and will be evaluated by international judges to define the best specialty coffees in Brazil in the current harvest. The region with the highest number of approved samples was the Denomination of Mantiqueira of Minas, with 12 lots. The next ones are Matas de Minas, with six; Sul de Minas, with five; Cerrado Mineiro denomination of origin of and Chapada Diamantina (BA), with four coffees; Mountains of Espírito Santo, with three; and Alta Mogiana region in Minas Gerais, with one sample. (Click here to see the results).

This year, the competition, which is held by the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA), in partnership with the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) and the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), received 655 samples of coffee from the 2020 harvest. Of this total, 628 were evaluated with a score higher than 86 points on a scale of zero to 100 in the contest.

La Cimbali

In the National Phase, the 35 lots that qualified for the international stage maintained the high- level, being approved with an average score of 90.12 points. These coffees will be evaluated, between October 26 and November 6, by experts from Japan, Australia, Norway, the United States, China, England, South Korea, as well as Brazil itself, who will carry out the final analysis and define the 25 winners of the contest. The winners will be announced on the 10th of next month.

According to the director of BSCA, Vanusia Nogueira, the high-quality standard of the coffees registered in the Cup of Excellence – Brazil 2020 shows the exceptional quality of the current harvest and reflects the educational and training work that the entity carries out with national producers.


The 25 samples that are selected as winners of the competition win the right to participate in a disputed international auction, via web. The prices achieved in these auctions go far beyond the conventional market, like the winner of the Brazilian event in 2018, who obtained the highest amount paid for a bag (60 kg) of coffee in the country: R$ 73 thousand.

The coffees that score between 86 points until the 25th winner, will be considered “National Winners” of the competition and will also be available for purchase on an online sales platform.

Cup of Excellence Brazil 2020

The main competition for specialty coffees in the world is part of the actions of the sectoral project “Brazil. The Coffee Nation”, developed in partnership by BSCA and Apex-Brasil with a focus on the commercial promotion of the Brazilian product on the foreign market. The goal is to reinforce the image of national grains around the world and position the country as a high- quality supplier, using the latest technology resulting from research carried out.

The project also aims to showcase the exclusive certification and traceability processes adopted in the national production of specialty coffees, highlighting its socio-environmental responsibility, and incorporating a competitive advantage in Brazilian products. Companies that are not yet part of the project can obtain more information directly from BSCA, by calling +55 (35) 3212-4705 / 99824-9845 / 99879-8943 or by e-mail

Brazil. The Coffee Nation

BSCA has a partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) to carry out the project Brazil – The Coffee Nation. The project’s main objectives are to reinforce the image of green and industrialized Brazilian coffees around the world and add value to the Brazilian product.

Bsca – Brazil Specialty Coffee Association

BSCA’s commitment is to disseminate specialty coffees from all Brazilian regions, for the development of this market, working with transparency and sustainability. It is responsible for disseminating relevant information to members, exchanging experiences and promoting educational activities with partners as well as with national and international organizations. In addition, the association promotes coffee quality contests and official’s championships with professionals in the baristas, roasters and toasters categories, in partnership with international organizations such as the ACE – Alliance for Coffee Excellence and WCE – World Coffee Events.


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