World of Shanik presents its high-quality, upgraded stainless steel coffee grinder to the marketplace, giving consumers an opportunity to significantly enhance their coffee-drinking experience.

The Shanik Manual Coffee Grinder features a number of enhancements that are designed to facilitate the coffee-making process for everyone from the avid to the novice coffee drinker.

The durable Shanik Manual Coffee Grinder—constructed with premium brushed stainless steel 304 on the body, handle and knob—is guaranteed to be kept and used for a lifetime. For better usage, the product includes a built-in, adjustable grind selector that provides the exact desired coarseness for maximum flavor extraction.

Typically, a scoop is needed to get the perfect measurements for a cup of coffee; however, a scoop is not needed for this product because the measuring container already included in it ensures a precise brew each time.

This simple feature upgrade now only requires turning the handle clockwise until the coffee beans are sufficient for the consumer.

Another feature that makes the manual grinder unique is its removable silicone lid. The sturdy lid keeps leftover coffee grounds freshly sealed inside the cup and readily available for later use.

A thick silicone grip was added on the cup for better handling. Storing the product in one piece after each use is easy with the velvet drawstring bag that is included with each purchase.

In addition, Shanik’s lightweight, cordless, battery-free grinder allows for traveling with ease, enabling consumers to enjoy freshly-brewed coffee wherever and whenever they want.

The product also features a durable, conical ceramic burr, which is the part that conducts heat away from the beans to the water.

Besides providing consumers an array of upgraded features, the Shanik Manual Coffee Grinder is available at a very competitive and affordable price. As an additional benefit, the company is dedicated to offering high-quality service to make sure consumers are happy with their purchase.

“We value our customers and work hard to ensure their complete satisfaction,” said owner Bezhad Nikzad. “Before, during and after every sale, we are there to answer any questions and to provide them with the best online shopping experience possible.”

Shanik is also a socially-conscious company that gives back to the global community.

World of Shanik supports children who suffer from a group of rare skin diseases known as Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Its dedicated efforts are done through a non-profit organization called Heal Child Skin Disease, which currently sponsors more than 400 children from low-income families.

By purchasing Shanik products, consumers can directly help raise funding to go toward treatment for those who suffer from the effects of EB. Shanik prides itself on high quality being its mission and helping to heal is its passion.