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How coffee, chocolate and tea overturned a millennia-old medical mindset

WASHINGTON, DC, U.S. – When Italian botanist Prospero Alpini traveled to Egypt in 1580, he discovered a world of unusual plants—strangely shaped bananas, bright red opium poppies, chunky baobab trees. After returning to Europe three years later, Alpini publicized his findings in two volumes, De Plantis Aegypti and Da Medicina Aegyptiorum.

Suffering from chronic pain? Drinking a cup of coffee can provide relief

MILAN – Coffee is the most common beverage consumed globally. It has many advantages like it can boost your fiber intake, protect you from liver cirrhosis, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and much more. According to the recent study, coffee is far better in healing the chronic pain compared to the pain killer pills like ibuprofen.

Coffee associated with liver wellness in patients with chronic liver disease

HEMPSTEAD, NY, U.S. – Many people ask about liver wellness and what they can do to keep their liver healthy. The best recommendations are to avoid potential risk factors for chronic liver disease such as drug and alcohol use, make sure vaccination against hepatitis A and B are performed and proven effective and to follow a healthy diet ...

Coffee’s fate is getting jittery as climate change puts growing areas at risk

WASHINGTON, U.S. – A century ago, Puerto Rico was a coffee-growing powerhouse that sent its finest beans across the Atlantic to satisfy the demands of the European market. Since then, the Caribbean island's role in the global market has dimmed, but coffee remains an iconic product, recently boosted by a small resurgence in coffee cultivation.

The North America cocoa market is expected to gain 23 BPS by 2026

NEW YORK, U.S. – Cocoa liquor sub-segment likely to surpass cocoa powder sub-segment in terms of value share in the coming decade, owing to an increase in demand for cocoa liquor. Cocoa powder falls under both conventional and organic categories.

Temperatures in Puerto Rico represent a challenge for coffee growers

WASHIGTON, U.S. – Climate projections indicate Puerto Rico may be warmer and drier, likely impacting one of the Island's most iconic crops. This could result in less-favorable growing conditions in the coming decades for coffee. A new study by the USDA Caribbean Climate Hub shows that if greenhouse gas emissions and temperatures continue ...

Chinese researchers read the tea genome. It’s four times that of coffee

WASHINGTON DC, U.S. – There are lots of different kinds of tea—black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong and more. Like coffee and wine, the flavor of tea is shaped by the soil in which tea plants are grown, the variety of the bush, as well as how it is dried and processed.

Olam Cocoa opens latest Cocoa Innovation Centre in Willowbrook, Illinois

LONDON, UK – Olam Cocoa announces the opening of a Cocoa Innovation Centre (CIC) in Willowbrook, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. The new facility will provide important innovation capabilities to support Olam Cocoa’s North American customers. The opening of this latest CIC, one of six globally, along with Centres in Brazil ...

Italian-style coffee may reduce risk of prostate cancer, research shows

ROME, Italy – Italian researchers report that Italian-style coffee, such as espresso or cappuccino, can reduce a person's risk for developing prostate cancer. The study, conducted by I.R.C.C.S. Neuromed in collaboration with the Italian National Institute of Health and the I.R.C.C.S. Istituto Dermopatico dell'Immacolata of Rome, found that ...

Indian Institute develops soil management web app for coffee growers

KERALA, India – The Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management-Kerala (IITM-K) has launched a web application that provides soil nutrient information and fertiliser recommendation for coffee plantation owners. The application, developed by the autonomous state government institute, will help coffee growers identify ...