Thursday 30 March 2023

Rancilio presents at HostMilano 2021 the new Classe 5 equipped with Steady Brew technology

The new Classe 5 debuts with a new temperature control technology, a new lighting system and the reliability that always sets it apart on the market

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MILAN, Italy – The new Classe 5 offers essential functionality and performance at a competitive price, unlike any other entry-level single-boiler espresso machine on the market. Thanks to Rancilio’s coffee technologies and high-quality materials, it guarantees best-in-class thermal stability. Classe 5 is all about what matters most: quality coffee, ease of use and reliability. Its features are brought together in a contemporary design with an industrial character. The new Classe 5 is available as an automatic version with four programmable doses (USB), as a semi-automatic version with Start/Stop button for manual control of delivery (S) and also in an iconic version with manual lever (Leva).

Classe 5 USB and S are equipped with Steady Brew, Rancilio’s patented technology that guarantees top-class thermal stability and maximum repeatability in all working conditions. The USB and S versions can also come with optional T-Switch, a practical 4-position knob positioned under the cup warmer that allows you to adjust a different temperature for each group (approximately 88°C, 93°C, 96°C or 98°C with boiler regulated at 1.0 bar).

The new chrome-plated brass portafilter of the new Classe 5 is the same portafilter that comes with all Rancilio espresso machines. Designed for filters of up to 21 grams, it is practical and features an ergonomic handle with customisable insert.
Responsive, touch-sensitive buttons are designed to ease the barista’s workload and ensure a speedy service.

The new Classe 5 combines elegance, robustness and functional minimalism in a modern aesthetic. The new black group covers with steel inserts and the side panels (now available in black, white and a new stone grey colour) have always been distinctive features of the Classe 5 and bring determination and style to the minimalist design of this new edition too.

LED lights focused on the work area (optional) ensure maximum visibility for cups and jugs when brewing coffee and foaming milk with the steam wand. The new stainless steel cup tray makes cleaning easier and reflects the brightness of the lights under the units.

The machine will go into production in January 2022.

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