Tuesday 31 January 2023

Egro QuBe by Rancilio: the automatic coffee machine for offices, coffee corners

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MILAN, Italy – The new Egro QuBe is the fully automatic coffee machine designed for offices, coffee corners and all establishments that cater for low daily consumption and require a varied coffee menu. QuBe is available in 3 versions – Pure Coffee, Quick, and Pro Milk – and offers up to 7 different configurations with 1 or 2 coffee grinders, and up to 2 powder hoppers, and fresh milk.

The Pure Coffee version is the ideal choice if you only want to offer coffee drinks and powder beverages. All configurations of the Quick Milk and Pro Milk versions also offer the ability to automatically prepare fresh milk drinks with the help of the optional 4-litre Quick Milk external fridge.

Egro QuBe’s adjustable brewing chamber allows you to customise each coffee recipe during programming. By varying the capacity of the chamber (9-16 g), you can ensure every drink on the menu will always be of high quality.

The 7” HD touchscreen makes it easy to select the drink to be dispensed and navigate the screens. Through the interface you can programme up to 27 drinks and adjust the dosage and temperature for up to 3 different hot water doses.

QuBe is a compact fully automatic coffee machine that takes up minimal worktop space and features built-in hoppers for coffee beans and powders. The arrangement of the internal components, assembled in modules, is designed to speed up maintenance and cleaning operations. To access the group head and circuits, simply open the door on the front of the machine. During installation you can choose to use the built-in water tank or to connect directly to the mains water and, depending on your needs, you can easily switch from one water supply to the other.

QuBe is recommended for hospitality, office coffee services (OCS) and for all locations that offer coffee, milk and powder beverages and cater for an average consumption of 80, 100 or 120 cups per day (depending on version).
Egro QuBe will go into production in March 2022.


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