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The Producer & Roaster Forum 2020 will take place in Copán, Honduras

Producer & Roaster Forum

MILAN – The fourth Producer & Roaster Forum (PRF) will be held in Copán, Honduras on the 26th and 27th March, 2020. The event follows successful forums in El Salvador, Brazil, and Guatemala, and will offer a unique opportunity for producers and roasters to exchange knowledge, forge relationships, and explore new opportunities.

Over 1,000 Central American producers and coffee professionals are expected to attend the biggest coffee event in Honduras in over a decade, where they will meet with over 100 roasters from around the world.

The Producer & Roaster Forum aims to be the most impactful global coffee event held at origin and to be inclusive of the whole supply chain.

By providing the tools needed for coffee producers and international roasters to build direct relationships, the forums increase transparency in the supply chain and provide opportunities for producers to obtain a fair price for their coffee. By networking in person, producers gain market access that might otherwise be difficult to achieve.

Panel discussions, workshops, cuppings, and presentations from global coffee industry leaders provide ample opportunity to learn and share knowledge.

Martin Mayorga is the founder of Mayorga Organics, the Producer & Roaster Forum 2020 Diamond Sponsor. He says, “I’ve always believed that engagement from roasters into coffee-producing countries is the only way to make a material shift in the inequities that are an unfortunate hallmark of the industry. We’re incredibly excited to be part of the upcoming Producer & Roaster Forum in Honduras and to see continued momentum toward real relationships between roasters and producers.

“We’re supporting the Producer & Roaster Forum because this is the only event that supports the idea of roasters sitting in front of producers, which is an important step toward changing inequities in our supply chain.”

Presenter applications are currently under review, with diversity and producer value being key considerations. More details will be added to the Producer & Roaster Forum 2020 website as they are confirmed.

Why Honduras?

The Producer & Roaster Forum takes place in a different coffee-producing country each year, which allows a wide range of producers to promote their coffees and shines a spotlight on different origins.

Honduras is the world’s fifth-biggest producer of coffee by volume. Host Country Sponsor IHCAFÉ reports that coffee production makes up 8% of the nation’s GDP and 38% of its agricultural GDP. Of the country’s 120,000 coffee-producing families, over 95% are small-scale farmers with plots under 5 hectares.

The nation is known for its diversity in coffee: it grows a range of varieties, uses various processing methods, has many altitudes and micro climates. This results in many different cup profiles and provides an exciting opportunity for roasters to discover something new.

Karla Calidonio, Head of Marketing for IHCAFÉ, says, “We give the warmest welcome to Honduras. As sponsors of Producer & Roaster Forum 2020, we are delighted to show you the best of our coffee production and our best coffee producers. We want to share with you what defines us as Hondurans.

“You will discover the origins of varieties such as Parainema, IHCAFÉ 90, and Lempira among others. Welcome to Honduras, king of coffee production in Central America.”

Stay on a Coffee Farm: The PRF & Origin Trip Experience

Roasters may also choose to stay on a host farm for three days prior to the event, as well as attending PRF. The PRF & Origin Trip Experience is tailor-made for specialty coffee roasters, with an aim of building relationships and facilitating knowledge exchange.

This all-inclusive option features transportation from the airport and to the event, accommodation and meals (from 23 – 27th March 2020), and tours of multiple farms. Participants will learn about post-harvest processing and attend cuppings with other international roasters, providing another great opportunity to develop business relationships and share experiences.

Osamah Alawwam, Managing Director of Roasting House chose the PRF & Origin Trip Experience in 2019. He says, “It was the first event of its kind to gather people who were serious and very ready to work together but in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.”

Guests will be picked up at the airport by their host on March 23rd and taken to their host farm. They will be provided with meals, accommodation, and transportation for the duration of the event (apart from lunch during the Producer & Roaster Forum on March 26th and 27th). The farm tours will include wet and dry mill visits, educational activities about harvesting and processing, and cupping sessions.


International tickets for the all-inclusive PRF & Origin Trip Experience are available now with an early bird rate of US $500 (£415) until January 1st, 2020. After this date, the US $1000 (£850) standard price will apply. Learn more here.

International tickets to the two-day forum are US $200 (£165). Tickets to the two-day forum are US $100 (2450 HNL) for Hondurans citizens.

Outcomes From Producer & Roaster Forum 2019

Over 600 attendees from more than 60 countries came together at Anacafé headquarters in Guatemala City for the third edition of the event. Industry leaders from around the world presented on a wide range of topics, including profitable coffee production and how to enter emerging markets. Panellists included Ricardo Pereira (Ally Coffee), Drago Lakic (Soyuz Coffee Roasting), and Alejandro Cadena (Caravela Coffee), among many more.

91 roasters from 54 different countries attended the event, where they were joined by producers of every scale from all eight of Guatemala’s producing regions. The Mayorga Scholarship made it possible for 30 small-scale producers to attend the event free of charge.