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Univerbar brings innovation to Host: a dishwasher that leaves no trace of odors


MILAN – Univerbar is an Italian company in operation since 1979. A period of time that has seen various evolutions in the washing sector for coffee shops and restaurants. The testament to how it has developed can be found in the company stand at Host (Pav. 24 stands G51 and G61), from 18 through 22 October.

Univerbar in a competitive sector

In fact, washing is a sector characterized by extremely high competitiveness, both in Italy and abroad. And this is especially true in Italy, where coffee shops consider cleaning equipment a commodity, which the baristas themselves often underestimate. In reality, in the food industry there is a very real and increasingly stronger need to guarantee hygiene and the absence of odors in dishwashers, glasses, mugs and cups in order not to alter the flavors.

In this context, Univerbar accepts the challenge, seeking increasingly more sophisticated solutions that are up to date with the needs of a market that continues to evolve.

The importance of cleaning the equipment and accessories

These days cleaning is an important topic. In western markets such as America, Europe, Russia and Australia, by now there are no food service facilities that are not equipped with an adequate automatic washing instrument. The hygiene level certainly clashes with water and electric consumption. Nevertheless, the market has tackled and solved the problem, optimizing water recycling, rinsing with water that is hot or not.

Univerbar toward training and information

With these basic premises, Univerbar has plans for a constant awareness and information operation with distributors and even baristas on the essential aspect of cleanliness in order to bring out all the organoleptic characteristics perceived by taste and smell.

In fact, the perfect tasting does not depend only on the quality of the raw material used, but also on particular attention to the cleaning phase.

A Basic Line and a Plus Line: what are the primary differences between the two?

The difference between the two ranges Univerbar offers is primarily associated with some technological characteristics and the market segment. Univerbar began with the Basic Line, very solid on the market and acknowledged for its reliability thanks to the use of resistant materials and forty years of know-how.

Over the years, the Plus Line was also developed which amplifies the characteristics of the Univerbar product, thanks to a new functional aesthetic and a user-friendly, easy to understand interface. The display, the colors and the new features help the user receive more information and use the dishwasher to its full potential. With this line, Univerbar marked a change in direction compared to the past and demonstrated its intention to create a new position in the market for itself, seeking a higher-end segment in terms of product and performance.

Ryoma and Univerbar

The acquisition of Univerbar by Italian Holding Ryoma, in addition to bringing investments in the technological sector, allows the company from Galliera Veneta (PD) to look to the international markets with new momentum. Univerbar has thereby strengthened its presence in Europe, both on a level of volume and profitability and it has reached new markets such as, for example, South America, where development margins can be glimpsed.
The acquisition also marked a turning point in company know-how and skills, thanks to an investment in young people, to draft a long-term development path together that leads to growth on all levels.

There will be something unique at Host

It is not only the renewed and constant attention to excellence that is young, but also, and especially, the search for eco-sustainability.

In fact, alongside a constant investment in the brand and the corporate identity, Univerbar will be presenting a unique product on the market that will be a great sensation in this sector.

The dishwasher introduced at Host will be equipped with a beating heart that uses both tub and rinse water in a different way. This goes along with the possibility of a total absence of odors thanks to an innovative technology, which Univerbar has skillfully mastered through in-depth research that began some time ago and is the result of strategic partnerships.