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Nespresso and Migros’ roaster Delica SA partner for recycling in Switzerland

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MILAN – Nespresso has been committed to recycling its aluminium capsules since 1991 when we first launched our recycling scheme in Switzerland. In order to improve the availability and accessibility of aluminium capsule recycling overall and hence helping to promote the sustainability of portioned coffee as a whole, regardless of brands, we opened our recycling scheme to other portioned coffee manufacturers in 2019.

Nespresso is now pleased to take a step further in this endeavor by announcing the launch of the non-profit organization “Swiss Aluminium Capsule Recycling” in Switzerland, which has been co-created with Migros’ roaster Delica SA. This will help provide a uniformed and efficient recycling solution for aluminium coffee capsules that is more convenient for Swiss consumers. The new organization is inviting other aluminium coffee capsule producers to join.

The organization created a specific logo, which will be recognizable on a daily basis by the consumers. It should be a reminder that aluminum capsules should not be disposed with household waste but collected separately and then recycled.

Currently, Swiss consumers have more than 3,700 collection points at retailer stores, partner stores and at collection points set up by municipalities. The more producers that will join the “Swiss Aluminium Capsule Recycling” organization, the larger the network of collection points will be.

Aluminum as material is infinitely recyclable and can be transformed into new objects when recycled. Recycling saves about 95% of the energy required to produce primary aluminum.

Therefore, it is essential the aluminium is reintegrated into the raw material cycle. The coffee grounds are an important energy source from which renewable energy can be produced and revalorized as biogas or natural fertilizer.


In November 2019, Nespresso, Nestlé and Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) had already announced the creation of the Alliance for the Recycling of Aluminium Capsules in France to promote the recycling of all aluminium coffee capsules.

For more information on the “Swiss Aluminium Capsule Recycling” organization, visit


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