Tuesday 27 September 2022

JAMAICA – True Blue Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Jamaica’s new micro-roasted premium coffee brand

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BLUE MOUNTAINS – Micro-breweries of beer have become so popular in the last half decade in the US, and now micro-roasting of coffee has become a new trend in the market for passionate coffee drinkers.


J.A Island Roasters was established in late 2012 by entrepreneurs Lauren Le Franc and Jason Elliot. Inspired by their passion for coffee and for the Jamaican Blue Mountain brand, they have introduced a new brand of micro-roasted coffee called True Blue 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

Their roastmasters are two of the best in the local coffee industry with over 20 years experience between them. They are certified by the Coffee Industry Board and have conducted various cupping events with the Specialty Coffee Association of the Americas.

Micro-roasted coffee is hailed as the best tasting coffee on the retail market due to its rich flavours, intense aromas and high quality. True Blue Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is 100% Arabica beans, cultivated at 3900 ft, and hand-selected by farmers at the peak of ripeness, fermented for 24 hours, washed and rinsed, then hulled and graded.

True Blue is roasted to order; as such, their coffee isn’t sitting in a warehouse or on a shelf for days or weeks. True Blue is shipped immediately after roasting and inspection.

Micro-roasting is the process of roasting green beans in small quantities – under 150 lbs – as opposed to mass market industrial processed coffee brands. True Blue Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee beans are of single-origin and sourced from select farms.

Their beans are not exposed to any mechanical methods but rather time-honored techniques which respect the character of each bean.

For the love of coffee, True Blue Jamaica Blue Mountain micro-roasted coffee beans add to a royal experience in every cup.

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